Black suede Balenciaga: an urban bag myth?

Ever since I started developing any fashion sense I had a crush on Balenciaga bags. (It all started with the bright seagreen motorcycle bag – I blame the Olsens). Years later, I’m still extremely fond of them, but it never got to a point of investing in one because a) the price and b) I have a feeling I’ve seen them so often. But then… BAM! This black suede Balenciaga town bag hit me in the face. I know I want that to be my first designer handbag. The one problem: I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE! Black Balenciaga’s in leather, yes. Suede Balenciaga's in tan, green and navy, yes. But no black suede Balenciaga town bag.
So if you know a store or online shop that sells a black suede Balenciaga bag in model town (or maybe velo or city), please let me know! And release me from my obsessive online bag hunting ;)

photo's via realdealcollection and Elin

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