Look of the day

This is what I wore yesterday. Finally, I found the cream blazer that was just right. I already had my eyes on this one, but it was sold out for a while in my size. (I returned the one I posted about previously because it wasn't perfect. This one is!) I'm in love with it! The top is also new. It's draped and has a cute zip detail.

Blazer: Zara - Top: Zara - Jeansleggings: Pieces - Shoes: Sasha - Earrings: h&m

Up in smoke

I'm not a smoker myself, but I love to look at pictures of smoking people. (hey, it kills, but at least you look good)

Can't buy me love

The sweetest thing happened. A few days back I spotted these silk grey drop crotch pants at Zara (I think I've developed some sort of Zara addiction). I showed them to my boyfriend and he secretly went back to get them!
It's still really cold here, but I might wear them like this on a hot summer day. So many ways to wear it! Did your boyfriend ever buy you a 'fashionable' gift too? Tell me!

White tanktop: h&m - Pants: Zara - Bag: Guess - Shoes: don't remember (got them in China)

Studs and spikes

The first picture is a nice example of the sexy meets rocker look that I really love. The skirt by Balmain must be very expensive, but I found one with big resemblence on Maria´s blog, vanillascented. It's by Gina Tricot, which is not for sale in the Netherlands. Thinking of DIY-ing this, but buying it would have been a lot easier:P

Some shopping

Latest finds: a top with pretty shoulders. It's button down on the back. Also, I found a cute pair of velvet high waisted shorts that were on big sale.

1st pictures: Top: h&m pink label - Jeansleggings: Pieces - Shoes: Sasha
3d picture: Velvet shorts: h&m - White tshirt: Zara - Blazer: h&m - Shoes: Zara

Because I look good in leather

Very nice, these different takes on the leather skinny trend.

Perfectly polished

There are times that I don't paint my nails at all and there are times I do it every few days. As you can see, I'm in the painting phase right now ;) So I had to get some new colors! Which one do you like the most?

Shopping spree








Here are the things I really liked during my shopping spree. I bought the snake print blazer (actually, I got it from my dad!), the beige blazer and the left black panelled skit. I also loved the sequinned blazer, but it wasn't in my size anymore. How sad :P

Arm candy

I'm usually more into basic colors for bags. But this is a great color for spring and it's easy to combine. And I always love leather and suede together.
How do you feel about colored bags?

Bag: Ri2k

Help me out!

So, today I went shopping. (pictures are coming!) I bought this blazer but I'm not sure about it. All the combinations that look good, look just as nice with a black blazer. So is this really an addition to my wardrobe? I NEED HELP, what do you think ;)?

Almost naked

This is so pretty!
I like Kate Bosworth´s look the most. Brilliant combination of a pink-ish nude in the shorts and a more beige nude in the boyfriend blazer.
Also, I also adore the hold ups on the girl next to her. I'm thinking of a way to pull that off myself . (and still look classy)

Look of the day

Here is a picture of what I wore :)

Balloon dress: don't remember - Leather leggings: h&m - Boots: Sasha - Belt: ASOS - Blazer: h&m - red lipstick

Bad weather

I really wanted to wear this today but the weather forced me to change shoes, put on leather look leggings and a blazer. There will be a picture of that later :)

Balloon dress: don't remember - Belt: ASOS - Shoes: Zara

Look of the day

Today I´m doing homework so I´m getting cozy in a big knitted cardigan.

Big cardigan: h&m - Tunic: h&m - Leather leggings: h&m - Bag: Ibana Rouge

Pretty in Preen

Preen's cut out dresses with sheer details are gorgeous! I'm glad to see that next winter there is still leather, fur and sheer fabric! / Click on the images to make them bigger. /

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