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On Facehunter

Paris Fashion Week pics are still surfacing and I thought these two were particularly fun because it's not only me but my Paris partners in crime too. First with my boyfriend at Jardins de Tuileries and second with Andy and Denni on our way to Lanvin while the Facehunter was flashing his camera in our faces ;)

Zara treasures

If you follow my blog, you'll know Zara is one of my favorite high street brands. However, the past few months their collections didn't get me as excited as I usually am. Change has come in the form of their October lookbook and I picked out the outfits that I would wear head to toe myself.


Seeing that new visitors discover my blog each day is something very rewarding for all the effort I put in to it. And what better way for us to get to know each other better than by a Q&A? Not only does it give you some insights about me, by the questions you come up with I also get a glimpse of your personality :D Ask me anything in the comments below - fashion related or not - and a bunch of them will be answered soon.

Random pic from Paris Fashion Week
Zara blazer / LF Stores tee

Lights out in The City

Learning that one of my favorite reality shows The City is cancelled - one that isn't all about picking up girls in bars - is a little disappointing. I swear, I have this curse over me in which everything I like gets canceled or taken out of production :P

“As of right now, it doesn’t really look like we’re doing it anymore”, she told Ryan Seacrest this wednesday adding that the show likely won’t move to another network, either. “It’s okay, one door closes and another opens,” Whitney said optimistically. “I’m working on some other things.”

Where will I now get my fix ELLE USA scoops (or see Robbie Meyeres and Joe Zee in action), gush over Whitney's flawless style and sweet personality and envy Olivia's hair?

Acne Hybria wedges

Something funny happened when I took these Acne Hybria wedges out for their first spin. Two teenaged girls started yelling "Pokerface" - it took me about half a minute to realize it was meant for me. This perfectly highlighted a recent phenomenon and got me wondering... Since when is every item that's a little unusual instantly categorized as being Lady Gaga? Surely I get that these shoes generate a few looks, and I'm a Gaga fan myself, but I wasn't wearing a dress made out of last nights meat leftovers, latex panties or diet coke cans in my hair - no, I simply had on black ankle boots! :P It seems that anything other than Uggs and jeggings is now categorized as Lady Gaga - from shoulder pads (still more Dynasty than Gaga), to studs and spikes, to light blonde hair and pretty much anything leather or geometrical (and pant-less for that matter). Do you agree?

Anyway, I couln't wait to share my Acne shoes from My Wardrobe with you in an outfit post. They are by far the coolest item in my wardrobe (no pun intended) and I can't wait to play around with them this winter!
Acne Hybria Wedges: My Wardobe
Dress: COS
Knitted cardigan: H&M
Belt: H&M
Nail Polish: H&M

Done with it

It's been so cold here lately, all I want to do is wear Dree Hemmingway's outfits and be done with it. And it doesn't help that I can't find the perfect chunky knits! All I want is thant big, tan jumper by Dries van Noten... I saw Ready to Fish sells something similar so I should definately look in to that.

pictures: Vogue UK November via Studded Hearts

Ydeltuyt accessories Give Away

Some of my favorites

It won't come as a shocker that accessories - next to self confidence and a good hair day - can bring each outfit to a whole new level. I can't help you with the latter, but when it comes to the first it's a different story. Not one but two lucky readers get to elevate their looks with Ydeltuyt accessories, because in the next 10 days I'm giving away a 30 and 20 euro gift card. And with rings starting at 5,95 and all sunnies for 3,95 that's a lot of new goodies. What better way to thank you for coming back to my blog time after time!

To get in there, just leave your e-mail adress! And if you follow This chick's got style on Google Friend Connect and / or Bloglovin you double your chances of winning!

Ruffled up

Outfit for the Piet Paris expo. A bit blurry, but sometimes I don't mind :)

H&M dress (in stores in week 43) / New Look pumps

Paint it, Paris

Piet Paris is one of those old school talents. No Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and digital prints for Holland's most established fashion illustrator; it's handwork all the way.
As diverse as Piet's collaborations are - from creating the Viktor & Rolf decor at Paris Fashion Week, the shopping bags for Saks Fifth Avenue or stamps - his signature is always visible. Minimalized sillhouettes, bold lines and great incorporation of trends make his work interesting. See for yourself in these pictures from the launch of his book and exposition, which is helt at the Hirschgebouw in Amsterdam until 22 oktober.

Bottom blues

I practically wore my jeans to bed in high school, but as my style evovled I found other items more interesting. However, the world's most popular legwear is back in all shapes and forms; from bell bottom blues to faded black skinnies and rock star jeans (thanks Balmain!). I'm yet to find a classic pair to get me through the next few years, but those Balmain inspired rock star jeans I was talking about... they're in! Picked them up at IKKS at the PC Hooftstraat last week after seeing them here and fell for the knee detailing.

IKKS light grey skinnies / Acne a-symetrical blouse / H&M shoes / Zara leather jacket / Ydeltuyt ring

ps. the winner of the Shopbop give away was randomly picked and is Laura G. Congratulations and you've been contacted!

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Watching some of the world's most sought after models running around Jardins des Tuileries at Paris Fashion Week is something you don't get used to easily. The funny thing is that you can spot them in seconds, just by the way they walk, the clothes they wear, their attitude (and obviously their height helps a little). Here's Australian icon Abbey Lee Kershaw, who was nice enough to pose before she ran of to another show.


When learned I was featured in the WhoWhatWear Style Stalker section, the fresh little scratch on my new Acne boots didn't matter (as much). You might not know this, but WhoWhatWear was one of my biggest inspirations to start blogging. Working for them is one of my dream jobs and this way I'm already part of the company in a small way ;)

Style video & room tour

The video

Hi guys! I recently did a video interview for Overdose on my style, my view on life and a sneek peak in my closet. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!

Behind the scenes

At Paris Fashion Week

Andy and I highjacking a golf cart to relieve our sore feet

With Andy, Emilie & Denni

These shots were taken outside Lanvin. Gosh, just looking at them makes me miss Paris Fashion Week and crossing around town with my fellow bloggers. What I don't miss are our painful feet though, I'm still recovering ;)

River Island dress / H&M ankle boots, clutch and bracelet

picture 1 and 2 by Teampeterstigter
picture 3 by Laurent

Barbara Bui S/S11

Let me share the pictures I took during the Barbara Bui SS11 show. I saw a lot of natural colors, mustard, green, dark grey and tan. Barbara Bui is best at easy going glamour with an edge. Her jumpsuits (can I have one, pretty please?), rugged leather jackets and dyed silks bring just that vibe. And a big plus; each piece would be perfect for layering.

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