Haul: Yes to Carrots (& lots of other veggies)

While hunting for a Revlon Matte Lipstick I have been coveting (in Smoked Peach) , I stumbled across a much more exciting find today at my local Walgreens. Buried in the clearance section was a treasure trove of deeply discounted Yes to Carrots goodies. A month or two ago I picked up the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel and it was love at first application. I later bought a couple products off of their website, and have yet to be disappointed. The only thing less than amazing about Yes to Carrots products is the slightly steep price tag.  So needless to say, I was thrilled to discover a vast selection of YTC treats marked down 50% or more. I splurged, and brought home a whole farmer's market worth of skin food, including some shampoo, conditioner, and eye cream, some face lotions, a face mask, make-up removing wipes, and more.

In the past few months I have been making an earnest attempt to switch to mostly or all natural, organic skincare and body products. However, in my experience, it is challenging to find affordable natural products that actually perform as well as those packed with parabens, synthetic dyes, and chemicals. For instance, as much as I want Burt's Bees to be amazing, I haven't actually tried many of their products that I would consider repurchasing. I love the fact that with Yes to Carrots, and their other lines Yes to Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Blueberries, my face is drinking in the benefits of a whole bunch of veggies. While I have yet to try any of the products I purchased today, based on what I have seen from YTC so far, I have high hopes and expectations.

Hopefully there is a similar deal going on at your nearby Walgreens. Keep an eye out for individual product reviews on the items featured here in the near future.

All products were purchased with my own money, and I am not being compensated in any way by YTC.

Lazy days

Sometimes on a Sunday I want to dress laid back, with nothing fancy but a faux fur and some red nails. Especially when I'm busy and let me tell you... Busy is my state of mind right now. As you might know, I'm going through one of the most exciting periods I've ever experienced. Which does mean I'm currently working three (great!) jobs; fulltime at ELLE magazine and next to that putting up almost daily blog posts on This chick's got style. And then there's the 3d thing... something HUGE:

I co-wrote a book
with my father Wil Michels (a bestselling author on communication and branding who - together with my mother - taught me all about writing).
Our book is called Focus op Fans and it's in bookstores all over the Netherlands since this week!! I'll tell you all about it soon and to give you an idea: it's about branding + social media + activating your brand's fan base. You can see the book's cover and read about it on Bol.com right here!

Zara bag / American Apparel tank / old Converse shoes / gifted faux fur / Pieces jeans

My favorites: H&M high summer

Speaking of red pants... Right after posting yesterdays editorial, I spotted this bowed pair on Nitrolicious. Since bright, wide pants might be somewhat of a fashion frenzy (time will tell), it's nice to see they're from H&M and therefore easy to try without spending a lot. Together with the slouchy caramel top and the burgundy knit - one of my favorite colors right now, it's one of the items I'll be checking stores for this summer.

Le pantalon

For the lucky few blessed with endless legs - or those in possession of 5+ inch heels, like myself - there is nothing more style savvy this summer than a pair of wide legged pants. Chic and o, so grown up, they are ideal for hot days at the office or casual late night parties. In my mind I'm running through possible ensembles: with sleek blouses, high cut T's (Jil Sander-style), a printed or bright cardi or a loose tank with fedora. Bring it on!

ELLE USA April 2011 via studded hearts

Strolling around

My look of the day when it was sunny, yet chilly. A coat is still necessary, but I couldn't be more happy that the freezing cold is finally behind us. It's time to sort out my closet, store all my winter stuff and start stocking up my spring must haves!

COS top / Paige jeans / Nelly shoes / Shampalove coat / Ray Ban Wayfarer

Fashion journal

A couple of 'behind the scenes' pictures of this week... It's been a crazy busy week! And how was yours?

What are you looking at?
1. Leather and metal necklace thanks to 
the Style Department
2. I got featured in Cosmopolitan 3. Gonna try to recreate these sandwiches that me and my boyfriend had in a diner on our USA road trip
4. Urbanears headphones - yes, please to all gadgets in bright colors!
5. Want this bag for the parc, beach and other spring-y stuff, couldn't find it though!

Shoe shopping

Click, click, shop, shop. In a matter of minutes I clicked home these orange/red platforms two weeks ago, after seeing them on a Swedish blog. And although the quality isn't great, I think these boots are pretty awesome. I have a thing for chunky shoes with major platforms anyway. They're quite the showstoppers here in Amsterdam!


On a more personal note...

I'm looking for an affordable appartment / studio in Amsterdam.
With no shared commodities, no roommates. Just me :)

Any ideas?
Drop me an e-mail on thischicksgotstyle@hotmail.com

Keeping up

Decided to do my hair up in a high pony tail, like I often do when I'm sitting behind the computer (which is uhm, most of my life right now). An up do definitely suits this dress the best. I borrowed it from my friend Nicole, who has a great wardrobe. Shopping in your friends closet can be ideal sometimes. Later I changed to different shoes though, I don't know what it is with me and these Acne wedges. I didn't want them to get scratched so I took them off, and in the time I have them now I've probably ended up wearing them for just a few hours in total.

Nicole's dress / Acne wedges / Wolford tights

Wishlist: almost spring

Yesterday was the first official spring day, which - you'll probably agree - I thought would never arrive. In the mean time I've put together some pretty items: I always make lists of things I like to help me visualize what I like and why. These are right for spring, but can also be worn in the periods right before or after it. I usually look for things that I can blend in with my current wardrobe and that are not too much weather bound. Currently I'm looking for neutrals mixed with a bit of brights and dose of prints.

Where from?
1. James Perse grey basic
2. Zara neon clutch
3. Asos block heels
4. Asos rugged stone ring
5. Butter London gold nail polish
6. H&M shorts
7. Topshop dress
8. Ray Ban lucite Wayfarers

Something new

Something I think is absolutely fantastic, is a jackets that's partial leather, partial something else. I haven't found a short version yet (except this Gestuz one I borrowed and wore here in London). But this long version with big collar and zip detail from Shampalove is pretty damn awesome as well. The rest of the outfit will follow shortly :)
PS. speaking of short... most of you that follow me on Twitter know I got a much needed hair cut. It's not what I had in mind at all - or asked for. Honestly, I was a bit upset and it took me a few hours (OK, two days) of feeling sorry for myself :P But in the end I have to face that a wrong hair cut, as much as it makes me feel bad, is not the most important thing going on in the world right now.

First on flats

This outfit probably debuts me on this blog in ballet flats. In spring I wear them quite often as a more comfy alternative to heels. Even though I like the extra height and the edge heels often give, we all need a break sometimes, right?

Zara exclusive jacket / Paige jeans / H&M trend top / Shampalove bag / Topshop flats

Another world

pics: oracle fox
credits: photograher: Richar Bush, Model: Dewi Dreigen, Elle March 2009

I recently came across this 2009 editorial while surfing around, and remembered how much I loved it. The first picture actually was my screen saver for a while. Everything about this is just so right. It's out of this world - literally: some sort of outer space, desert shoot. And the fact that it's from ELLE magazine obviously makes me love it even more :P

Fashion journal

A little compilation of what I did this week or what's on my mind. (pictures 1-5 taken by me, last picture found online)

What are you looking at?
1. Sunday blogging and e-mailing at new coffee place / 2. Granola plus fresh blueberry's: my favorite breakfast / 3. Spring is here, including pretty light / 4. New dotted top / 5. Like to have ankle boots like these (taken at Firenze4Ever at LuisaViaRoma) / 6. Wish I could do this exactly the same

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney balances masculinity and femininity in a beautiful way once again in her new fall 2011 collection. The boxy dresses are my favorite, I dream of wearing them with opaque tights and chunky ankle boots. Also Stella chose to incorporate a lot of flat shoes. The catwalk collections for next fall seemed to be all about pants and flat footwear. And even though I like a little extra height, it's nice that designers show us outfits that don't necessarily need 14 centimeter platforms.

ps. The winner of my clutch give away is Katie from the UK. Congrats! You've been contacted.

ps. ps. I'm contacting every first person that e-mailed me regarding items in my shop. If they don't respond, I'll contact the next person :) When an item is sold, I'll let you know!

A touch of red

This red lipstick from the Lanvin for H&M collection has been in my make up bag for a while but I never got around to wearing it. I do the same make up almost every day: lip balm and darker eye shadow, but now I felt like giving this lip color a try.

COS grey T / H&M Trend jacket and pants / Zara bag / Pieces grey nail polish

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