Vampy Lipstick, Day to Night

I can't get enough of deep red and berry lipsticks this Autumn, and it is definitely the perfect season for it. Though I am not too shy to rock a vampy shade during the day, even I have to admit that it can sometimes be a bit overpowering. Taking a vampy lipstick from day to night is easy, and makes me feel like I am doubling my makeup collection by creating different looks with just one product.

You can do this with most any red, dark wine, plum, or berry lipstick of your choice. Here, I am using MAC Musky Amethyst (Semi-Precious collection), but I also love to do this with Revlon Black Cherry. 

A dark, vampy shade can easily be transformed into a subtle, sheer lip stain. I do this by first coating my lips with a light layer of moisturizing lip balm and then dabbing on a bit of the lipstick on my pout straight from the tube. Using my finger, I blend out the lipstick and pat on more color until I achieve the shade I am looking for. Although I paired this with very natural makeup below, you could certainly go darker on the eyes since the lips are not overwhelming.

MAC Musky Amethyst  looks completely different when applied opaquely. For this vampy night look, I applied the lipstick with a lip brush to achieve the greatest precision. I have only seen a few people who can actually pull of a dark eye and a statement at the same time, so I played it safe by allowing to focus to be on my lips and paired it with natural, slightly defined eye.

What are your favorite vampy shades this Fall?

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