Big news!

Some of you that follow me on Twitter, where I often share more personal information than on my blog, already know I had something very exciting coming up. Mostly I prefer keeping my work and my blog separated, but I really do want to share this big news with you... Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be working at ELLE as an intern, writing articles for the magazine. I'm incredibly excited to contribute to one of the world's leading fashion magazines. When I was around 10 I devoured my mother's ELLE's - and did the same with my ELLEgirl later on. You can say it's a title that's close to my heart. To fulfill this dream, I rolled out of university - since I have already finished an internship at Grazia magazine - and I'll be back to write my Master thesis in September. Amazing how time flies, and it's unbelievable yet thrilling that I'll be graduated next Februari with another great experience to take with me.

Fashion Week in a nutshell

Amsterdam Fashion Week in a nutshell; blogger friends Sabrina, Elisah and Karine (image via TPS) - the colorful and sensational Bas Kosters show and himself closing it - Fashiolista blogger boat trip - My favorite black heels - Alix the Cherry blossom girl with lipstick ice cream - Beautiful eccentric designs by Jan Taminiau.

What I wore

Leather + cotton jacket, black pants, lace ups; the fundamentals of my outfit today at Amsterdam Fashion Week. After having one of my last exams today - whoever planned that on the best day of Fashion Week had to be kidding - I raced home and got dressed in something I wouldn't nearly freeze in.

H&M faux leather + cotton jacket (in stores soon) / Shampalove boots / Forrest & Bob tank top via My Wardrobe / H&M trend pants and clutch

Cut it out

This is the last look I styled at LuisaViaRoma's event Firenze4Ever. The Rick Owens dress I'm wearing was so incredible... twisted in the front with tiny cut outs on my upper ribs, playful in a subtle way. It went so well with this almost organic bracelet, which is not like anything I had already seen before, and I still have a huge crush on it.

Rick Owens dress / Emilio Pucci bag / Emanuele Bicocchi veined silver bracelet / Casadei pumps

All good things

They say all good things come in threes? To me that's all good things come from Scandinavia ;) Meet Rodebjer, a Swedish brand I had never heard of until I found this collage on Caroline's Mode. It has exactly that easy going, strong and luxurious feel that marks Scandinavian designs so often. Now all that rests is finding a place that sells it... but I guess flying to Sweden wouldn't be too bad either.

Walk this way

A little lunch outfit... wearing these badass lace up booties that I can actually last on all day. Affordable price + comfort, a winner combo if you ask me. I'm envisioning these
 will be my best friends at Fashion Week and I'm glad I already got the footwear figured out, since the rest of my outfits is still one big blur.

Lace up boots & Grey satchel by Shampalove / Pieces stonewashed jeans / Forrest & Bob pocket T

Home, sweet home

This morning I tweeted about a super cool tree house - every 8 year olds dream come true. Now that I'm a little older I still wouldn't mind packing my bags and moving in to that large tree house, but my vision of a dream home has changed. As so many girls out there, I like white spaces. Because I want to be able to have a fresh feel, be able to breathe, and have the possibility to change things up. These are some random pictures from my huge stack of inspiration images that I keep in hopes of magically transforming my house. Guidelines: deconstructed or industrial walls, heavy lamps, black, white, hints of color, no clutter, high quality wood and a combination of modern and worn out.

(pic 2 via The Selby, other credits weren't found)

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall

Proenza Schouler is high up there with my favorite labels, and their Pre-Fall 2011 collection is definitely interesting. Feminine in a tomboy-ish way with Julia Stegner as poster girl; I'm feeling it. Next to tribal prints that we've seen them do before (hello ikat!) they presented sleek items like layered neon dresses. The consistency in silhouettes (plus those incredible shoes) make everything cohesive. And I'm just curious... How do you feel about the fact that not a single look in this collection is above the knee?

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2011 images via

Hot pink

I wanted the first look I styled at LuisaViaRoma's Firenze4Ever to be in the spirit of spring. In came some smoking hot pink strappy shoes and a breezy two toned dress. Playing dress up with those amazing brands and high quality clothes was so much fun, and I wish it was something I'd get to do every day.

Clu two tone knit dress / Casadei strappy shoes

Elle Style Awards 2011

The Elle Style Awards 2011 took place yesterday and with Rock & Royalty as the leading theme, it was bound to be good. In a historic, romantic theatre we got to witness the looks three talented stylists put together, combining 10 H&M items with treasures from all over the place. Congrats to Bonne Reijn (pic 3) for winning! The Elle Style Awards were one of my first big events to visit as a blogger, so I was even more curious to see what this edition would be like.

As I got dressed, with Rock & Royal in my mind, I was doubting between either sequins or leather fringe. (Ideally I'd go for something velvet) Since those felt a bit too 'costumey', I threw on leather pants, a cream blazer, lace up boots and my new super duper soft tank top from Forrest & Bob. And judging by all the leather fringe I saw, I did the right thing ;)

Zara blazer and leather pants / Forrest & Bob tank (now £10 here) / H&M bangle and clutch

Leopard lovers

After a year filled with new black shoes, my first footwear of 2011 is lovely leopard from Kurt Geiger. Ok, ok, to tell you the truth... At first I was gravitating towards the same slingbacks in thick black leather (they're 70% off here) but those are sold out in my size :( Still a bummer because this is probably the most comfortable pair of heels I have. I guess it's the big platform and padded insoles that do the magic.

Kurt Geiger
leopard hair slingbacks (now £87 from £290)

Those would be the best memories

Just as we entered the VIP club for our final party in Florence, this song - amped up volume required ;) - was booming out of the speakers. I still love it and the energy in there was crazy, everyone was jumping! We threw our hands in the air and created some of the best memories.

(pics by me, luckyfashion, stylescrapbook, carolinedaily)

Sale shopping!

1.  Theory leather jacket                   £195 from £650  
2.  Twenty8Twelve leather skirt             £63 from £210
3.  Acne wedges                             £160 from £320
4.  Millerostock mongolian sheepskin        £125 from £250
5.  Nicole Fendel earrings                  £40 from £135
6.  Forrest & Bob pocket T                  £18 from £36
7.  Elegantly Waisted belt                  £26 from £88
8.  Erin Wasson x Low Luv double ring       £28 from £56
9.  Sonia by Sonia Rykiel coat              £128 from £368
10. Kurt Geiger slingback                   £72 from £240
11. Ray Ban Club Master                     £59 from £118
12. Acne Hybria wedges                      £205 from £410

No better time to treat yourself to an early Valentine's Day gift - or hint one to your boyfriend ;) - than the last week of SALE at My Wardrobe! As a student, I keep a close eye on sale at high end online shops like My Wardrobe and now discounts reach up to 70%.

I got the £18 white T - since I can never find good quality and fit pocket T's. Other favorites are the comfy Acne Hybria wedges - I speek from experience - and £40 Nicole Fendel earrings that would look great in spring and are a perfect gift. I might get a new pair of Ray Ban's for half off as well... What's your favorite?

Head over heels

I wore these Casadei shoes on my first LuisaViaRoma shoot and fell head over heels for the retro feel, bright color and the way the heel slightly curves back. Hot pink works so well on girls with pale skin, like myself, and I like it particularly on blondes and redheads. So I had to try them on and they're insanely comfortable as well. I better start saving up to click them home ;)

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