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Susie and Steve. I highly doubt you'll find a couple with more style in entire England!

Me, on comfy biker boots

Alix, with her amazing Chloé flats and Sonya Rykiel gloves.

Browsing through Vogue over morning coffee (and looking tired after partying till 5 and getting up at 9)

I posted about things I experienced when I was in Antwerp at the fashion weekend, but I know all you fashion freaks really just wonder one thing; what was everyone wearing! These were taken on the last day, when we were walking around in Antwerp. I will post pictures of the other bloggers too, but I'm yet transferring those images to my new laptop after my other one crashed!

ps. See what each blogger writes about the fashion weekend on the Antwerp facebook page - or become a member yourself!

A little fringe

You know how sometimes you have to get things done and just can't seem to focus? Usually I work hard and concentrated, but I need to finish three essays and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with some movies and turn off my brain :P

Pictures were taken before getting coffee with my boyfriend near my appartment. The blazer is actually cream colored. (I was wearing a coat since it's pretty windy - as you can tell from my hair - but it's not in the picture).

Cream blazer: zara - Tee: zara - PU Leather leggings: ebay - Bag: Guess - Ankle boots: h&m - Necklace: h&m

Bold and beautiful

This week I visited the Dutch Design week. In my opinion it wasn't the strongest year in the interior design section. I did notice a few really interesting pieces and it's always nice to visit and open your mind up to new ideas. This year was the first time I saw clothes as well. Generation Bold & Brave displayed items of 2009's best graduates from different Dutch fashion schools. That led to a really interesting mix of bold styles.

Your inner Obama

It’s official; fall is here. And all you fab fashionista’s know that a new season can cost a lot of money. That has given me a thought: could I create a head-to-toe fall outfit, that I would actually like to wear, for under a hundred euro’s in total? I channeled my inner Obama and told myself; Yes I can! 99 virtual euro’s later, this is the result.

Blazer: Forever 21 - Tank top: don't remember! - Shoes: Asos - Leggings: Monki -

Necklace: Forever21Glamour Bbey and Chicisimo both featured me on their blogs a while back!

Craving for denim

Having friends is nice and all... but having friends with the same dress size, that's just great! Shopping in your friends closet is the ideal way to update your looks without spending a buck.
The sad thing is, you'll actually have to give it back ;)

I'm lusting after a nice fitted denim blouse for a while now, but with no luck. Every shirt I come across is way too oversized. Note to designers: if I want to look like I borrowed my clothes from a guy, I'll just buy a size XL. No need to do the work for me! :P Anyways, my friend Malou got her hands on this delicious denim by Zara. So I borrowed it to bring to the Antwerp fashion weekend
and snapped a picture before that. Going out to do dinner and drinks with three girlfriends now, what are your weekend plans?

Leather biker jacket: Zara exclusive - Denim shirt: Zara - Leggings: Kani Ladies - Overknee's: Graffiti - Bag: Zara


Hi guys, this week I've been contacted three times about fake internet-accounts using my pictures. Copying pictures without visibly naming the source and / or claiming it is you is simply not allowed by law. Identity theft is also a legal matter. If you want to post pictures of me on your blog that's absolutely no problem. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment asking me and always visibly link back to this blog.
Thank you very much,

On the hunt for hotspots

Jutka Riska - Nationalestraat 87
Jutka Riska sells secondhand designer items and coordinates by color and style. I was very impressed with the selection they made and the items looked like new. They had the cutest ivory & black Chanel bag I can’t stop thinking about…

Louis - Lombardenstraat 2
Louis is filled with a fine selection of brands like Acne, Margiela, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester. It was actually the first store in Antwerp to stock clothes from the Antwerp Six, so for sure they know what they’re doing there ;) And the best part? I won an impressive gift card to this store for snapping all the items from the Fashion hunt!

Lombardia - Lombardenvest 78
Well, what to say about Lombardia, it’s such a unique place! Just have a look at the interior. During the Fashion hunt we had an amazing drink called Ginger love. It was a hot ginger drink with fruit and a piece of mango I think? Sweet + spicey = a delicious drink.

In Fine - Grote markt 19
A bit overwelming at first, this place is packed with perfume bottles. So much to smell, so little time! The purpose of all these different fragrances is to compose a personal perfume that fits your personality.

Furniture and Cloting Selection - Timmerswerfstraat 8
Another great stop if you’re into vintage items is FCS. Combining jewelry (Chanel!), clothes and furniture with a retro feel makes this an interesting store to browse for hidden treasures.

Labels inc. - Aalmoezesnierstraat 4
At Labels inc. you’ll find second hand items from the hottest Belgian designers. What’s better than Martin Margiela, Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester for a fraction of the original price? Fun detail; the window is used as a small expo for upcoming Belgian designers.

Zuiderterras - Ernest Van Dijckkaai 1
After the Fashion hunt we met up at the Zuiderterras. It’s a bar/restaurant with a front-to-wall window that looks out over the haven. It has a very interesting interior, with a bar in the middle that’s a few meters higher than the rest of the place. And the food was incredible… Looking at the dishes everyone had, I realized I had to go back to try those as well!

at the Zuiderterras talking with the Antwerp fashion observer

Day # 2 of our Antwerp adventure started out by going on the hunt for fashion items througout Antwerp. Three groups of bloggers were guided by a true antwerp fashion insider, like
Tanguy and the Fashion Observer. So Tanguy showed us around and we had an great time with him! And me and Renee actually won! This is a guide through some of the spots I discovered during the fashion hunt.

the Antwerp experience

I’m back from Antwerp and I'm exhausted and excited at the same time. The other bloggers were great company and who knew you could do so much in a weekend! On the Facebook page you can check out what all the bloggers write about it!
Let me take you through the first day of my Antwerp adventure.

Cocktails and fries
We arrived at the train station of Antwerp, what we later learned to be the 4th most beautiful in the world, and I was brought to my new home for the weekend; the Radisson Blu hotel. Beautiful, specious rooms and we really got pampered (macaroons and fruit at arrival!) My room had a view over the station and city centre, which was especially beautiful by night.

My shoes and the view / yes, I am an overpacker

Next stop: a cocktail bar in Antwerp South. That’s the haven area, packed with restaurants and bars. Sippin’ on a Singapore Sling and chatting a bit, we received a First Aid for Antwerp shopping. Filled with shopping essentials, ranging from a map and a book about Antwerp designers to a tiny hair brush. Still had to grab some food and being hungry and in Antwerp only means one thing: Antwerp fries! So off we went, to try Antwerp snacks. Yum!

Rolled into my big bed then and some hours of sleep before the alarm went off... -> time to hunt!
I’ll tell you more about that later ;)

Antwerp fashion hunt

Hi guys! I have an exciting weekend coming up; 9 European bloggers, including myself, were invited to discover everything fashionable that Antwerp has to offer. As you know, Antwerp is one of my favorite fashion cities and I'm really looking forward to it. (I used the occasion to post one of my favorite shoes by Antwerp designer Dries van Noten)

Bloggers that will attend are me, Renée Sturme and Fad Tony from Holland, Susie Bubble, Style Salvage and Be Frassy from the UK and The Cherry Blossom Girl, Miss Glitzy and La Méchante from France. We'll be hunting for fashion items throughout Antwerp, visit a designer and the fashion museum, go to a party and more! Off course I will blog about it and you can also follow us on or see what everybody writes about the weekend on the Facebook page!

Behind the bob

I went to see the September Issue this week, a documentary about the making of Vogue September 07, the biggest issue to date. I was very curious to see what goes on behind the bob.
However, somewhere along the filming process the director must have found himself more fascinated by Grace Coddington. I can understand why, she is so creative and really has a vision. Anna pretty much lived up to the image she has... Would have liked to see some more of her personality! It's great to watch how everything comes together though and the phothoshoots, models and clothes were beautiful!

Style icon!

This week, Kani Ladies sent me some of their hottest items. Kani Ladies designs urban girlswear, and has some really fun and girly pieces. It's streetwear that ranges from glamorous to sporty chic. One of my faves was this black dress with a waterfall neckline. I'm wearing it here with a mesh body underneath. It's perfect for going out, but I also imagine wearing it as a top with leather skinnies.

So excited to be Style icon on Chictopia! Especially since I just joined! Great way to kick off the weekend.

. If I'm your your favorite fashion idol of the week, visit La Mimi and vote for me! (and also because her blog is fab)

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