Studded jeans vest

Suede chain bag

Studded belt

T dress

Big studded bag, perfect for sleepovers at my boyfriend

Seeing stars

I still had to show you an outfit with my star tee from zara. My boyfriend and I went out for sushi and by surprise we were both wearing our topshop plaids, hahah!

zara star shirt - h&m skirt made out of a tanktop - zara heels - zara bag

Trash & treasures @ amsterdam fashion week

Me talking, you can see a piece of my new zara bag !

Great leather mens jackets

My friend Malou browsing through some vintage stuff

Some shops

On the last day of Amsterdam Fashion Week me and my friend Malou went to Trash & Treasures, they were selling some vintage stuff. We sat in the sun and had drinks and went to dinner, it was a great day!

Acne wedges

Oh man, I can't tell you how smitten I am with these Acne wedges. They just opened a store in Amsterdam so I´ll be hunting these down!

My dad and I are going to Antwerp instead of Paris. We had a lot of work on our hands and since we can drive there in an hour it's just a lot easier. Enjoy your weekends!

The white stripes

h&m top - pieces jeans leggings - zara heels - ibana rouge bag

Summer wardrobe recipe

I'm off to paris in 2 days, does anyone know nice restaurants and places to shop?

Check mate

Look of the day. I demand the good weather back!

topshop plaid blouse - leather leggings from ebay - h&m flats - ibana rouge bag

Something new

This vogue issue with all the fall / winter collections in it, was a birthday gift from my mother. I didn't have the time to 'read' everything, but it's very inspiring!!

And these are my new zara shoes, you already saw them in my previous outfit post.

I also received my topshop order, both items are so nice!

Colour blocking

Yesterday´s outfit.
As you can see, I've changed the lay-out of my blog to get bigger pictures. It looks like a mess right now but I'll make it prettier!

topshop skirt - h&m tank top - h&m blazer - zara heels

Some inspiration

ps. the 10% discount code blog10 is still valid for your designs on StyleShake!

And it was all yellow

I forgot to post these pictures, but just wanted to show you the outfit :) Not what I'm wearing today, it's definately too cold!

In sale, I got these shoes in black too! And for a third of the price I paid for these yellow ones!
ps. the discount code blog10 is still valid for StyleShake
zara boyfriend blazer - zara white tee - only jeans shorts - zara heels

Shake it!

You know how you create the perfect garment in your head, and then can’t find it anywhere? There might just be an answer to that! On StyleShake ( you can create your own fashion and have it delivered to your home, for extremely good prices (for example, the blue dress would only be 34 Pounds!). You can also give up your personal measurements.

StyleShake just introduced a 100% bio-friendly jersey line. Those are stretchy materials that are made to fit and include body-con and strapless styles, balloon skirts and gorgeous Grecian drapes. I was playing around in the design studio and created this blue body-con dress, and a nude tulip skirt with a cute waistband and a grey off shoulder dress, it’s so easy!

And there is more! I had contact with Sarah Sabner from StyleShake and she told me all about the new product lines. Especially for my readers, there is a 10% discount code! Just enter the code blog10 for a 10% discount. It´s valid until the 20th of July!

Good luck with designing!

Hello bloggers!

Yesterday I got together with a few bloggers, and it was so much fun!! We met around 12 and I left around 10 in the evening! We shopped, had drinks, had dinner and talked about all kinds of things.

From left to right: robine (chouchou), marit (mdstyling), debbie (deb's closet), me, merve (intersection of thoughts), posh (posh's daily style), cindy (come over to the dark side)

London buys

topshop skirt

the perfect skinny jeans - topshop

zara tee and COS silver pleated necklace with gold detail

h&m zip skirt

Sometimes you like an item so much, you want to have more than one. That’s what I had with my favorite white zara tee, but it was sold out everywhere, including London. Then I found one in a corner there, in the right size! Meant to be.

That pink nail polish is also my favorite, but it’s a limited ed. so it wasn’t available anymore. In London it was though! And I also bought a black version of the zip skirt from my previous post. So basically I’m just copying what I already have, hahah!
And, lucky me, I found the silver necklace in the seaming of my blazer!

ps. sorry everything’s a bit crinkled!

Buckle up

Another outfit with my mom's DSquared buckle booties. I'm wearing all h&m by the way, that's funny! But I think that with a good pair of shoes you can really upgrade an outfit. Do you agree?

Yesterday I went to listen to Lenny Kravitz, who was performing in the park just around the corner of my house. Tonight's a performance by Anouk, I'm definately going there to listen to her!

h&m blazer - h&m tank - h&m skirt - DSquared booties

ps. thanks to Phyl for helping me out with my header!

Where the water drowns the sand

I'm off to the beach today! This is what I'll be wearing. Nothing spectacular, but I wanted to show you an outfit with the shorts from a few posts back. I also bought these two bandeau bikini's, the one I´m wearing today has a silver U-shape in the middle and the other one is twisted.

* I just got back, it started to rain before I could even take of my shirt, hahah! Off to the movies now! *

zara tee - only shorts - asos bikini - shoes from China

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