June Favorites (no flunkies allowed!)

Here we are, fully in the throes of summer! As usual, this month came and went all too quickly. I only hauled an item or two this June (can we get a round of applause for my astounding self-restraint?), and I am elated to report that I don't have any flunkies to share with you today! I am getting a lot better at researching items and only buying those that fill a need in my collection. However, my birthday is coming up in July so expect some hauling that throws all that to the wind!

On to what has stolen my early summer heart....

All my followers! This is my third full month blogging, and I have had so much fun posting, reading other blogs, and interacting with all of you! Today I hit 80 followers! That means I need to put together a giveaway like I promised quick! I am continually surprised that people want to read my posts. You all are the fiercest of power femmes, and thank you for joining me on this adventure!

e.l.f. High Definition Powder- I bought this a few months ago when I was looking for an affordable HD powder, and somehow over time it fell to the bottom of by collection. I assumed that this product wouldn't hold up to the summer heat, but I was wrong! This is now my go to summer setting powder- whether I am wearing tinted moisturizer or full coverage foundation, this locks in my look and controls my oil and shine for a good portion of the day. And at $6, you can't beat it!

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer- When I reviewed this product, I initially stated that it wasn't the best to concealer under eye circles. Minor retraction! While I am still a bit disappointed with the limited shade selection, I have found a new appreciation for this concealer. I have been applying this all month with a damp Sonia Kashuk blending sponge and it has been doing a great job of concealing my under eye circles. I like this as a summer concealer because it is thin (yet crazy pigmented!) as opposed to thick and creamy so it won't cake up or slide off in the heat.

Zoya Creamy- Despite my trepidation, I took a shot at the yellow polish trend and I am so glad I did! Creamy's formula is not perfect, but I am willing to put up with it because the color is so divine. Usually I get bored with a mani after a few days, but I wore this one until it was chipping off!

 Revlon Super Lustrous in Primrose- This came out in a limited collection, but I still have seen a few of these lippies floating around my local shopping stops. Primsore is a pale, milky pink that leans lavender. It is a bit cool for me, but I can still barely pull it off. I have heard some describe this is a Victorian pink, but I think it can also be used to achieve that "Playboy Bunny" pale pink lip and smokey lip if you are feeling wild. I really adore the Super Lustrous lipsticks, and the formula on this one is no exception.

ecotools Retractable Kabuki-  This brush is oh-so-soft and convenient to throw into your purse. It is multipurpose powder brush, but my favorite use for it is to apply bronzer. It is small enough to contour my cheeks and temples and evenly distributes and buffs product.

Laura Geller Baked Blush n' Brighten in Honey Dipped- This gem came in my June Birchbox. This isn't a product that I would have picked out for myself, but I am more than happy to have it on my collection! Look at it- can you even handle it's beauty?!?! Despite the bronze color this is far too shimmer to use as a bronzer to contour with or dust all over the face. I use this like a blush, and it offers a healthy, golden glow to my skin. It is really pigmented, and the neutral shade goes with most all looks. I even use just a tiny dab of this on top of my other blushes to add a summery golden sheen to my cheeks.
Pangea Organics Italian Green Mandarin & Sweet Lime Facial Toner- This also came in my June Birchbox. Ever on the hunt for new natural skin care goodies, I think this one is a permanent keeper. This generous sample should last me a while longer, too. I mist this on my face morning and night after I cleanse, and let it dry before I put on my moisturizer. This hasn't performed miracles on my skin, but I can tell that my skin feels more balanced and hydrated since I started using it. It also feels really cooling and refreshing in the summer heat!

What are you adoring this month?

PS- I updated my Blog Sale! Prices and shipping costs have been slashed; I am also open to swaps and haggling. I move in two weeks so I am eager to find these goodies new homes!

New accessories...

Two accessories... one for me and one for my iPod! Since a phone is in sight all day, every day, I better get myself a pretty cover to protect it. And it also makes me less annoyed with this phone - I have nearly no reception or internet with it and don't know what the problem is... aaargh! Stopping by Hi (my provider) tomorrow and hope they'll fix it.

Dannijo tribal iPhone case
Iosselliani mixed stackable ring

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What suits me

A little sneak preview... This midnight purple boyfriend blazer was a recent addition to my closet, and I bumped in to the matching tapered pants yesterday. I've never owned a two piece before, and although I probably like the items best individually it's kind of cool to have the option.

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Lady Gaga 'Judas' Inspired Nail Art (Fail?)

By now it is no secret that I am totally enamored with Lady Gaga, and as a beauty junkie I often look to her aesthetic for inspiration. Gaga rocks some really intense nails in her 'Judas' music video: pointed green and black talons encrusted with gold chain links and gem stones. Omitting the sharpened claws, here is my interpretation of the look. I really want to love it....but I feel like I'm wearing gaudy Christmas sweaters on my nails. The edginess of Gaga's look was lost in my rendition and replaced with tacky Holiday cheer. I almost didn't post this, but I think it is important to acknowledge our successes as well as our epic failures! I can't help but laugh every time I look down at my hands!

I used Sally Hansen Black Diamond and Jumpin' Jade as the base coats, then mattified them with Hard Candy's matte top coat (which I realize now was pointless since I used Seche Vite afterwards). The using Zoya Jules, I created the gold rings with a toothpick. The gems were created using Black Diamond, Jumpin' Jade, and Zoya Faith. The mimic the 3D effect I applied some red and green bindis to random nails, and sealed it all in with coat of Seche Vite. I worked too long on these to take them off, so I am going to try to rock these for a few days.

Tell me about your nail art fails! Have you ever had a great design idea that totally crashed and burned in execution?

Sale season: round two

Like I said, I love combing through online shops when I have the time, especially during sale season. Nothing (in the shopping world) beats seeing an item you've been craving for, for half the price. Because I find it hard to contain myself during sale, I make wishlists and then pick favorites from that. Last week I shared my favorites from My wardrobe, this time I'm turning to ASOS, where sales have now also gone up to 50%. Which suddenly makes things very affordable - all four of these accessories are under €33 - something I think we all love. 

ps. Good news: Asos has free world wide delivery! (Not until June, which I misread, but continuously :D)  

What are you looking at?

Sass & Bidezip dress
Muubaa suede biker jacket
ASOScollection striped jumper
Gestuz asymetric dress
ASOS collection red minimal dress
Style stalker snake print blouse
ASOS collection chelsea boots
Asos collection rose gold watch
French Connection metal detail bangles
ASOS collection coral satchel

Stylish Blogger Award!

I was recently gifted with the Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Joann at LuckyDuckyLoves! Thank you so much!

The Rules
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven't mentioned before
3. Tag 7 people and let them know you've done so!

7 Things About Myself
1. My favorite season is Fall. Even though we are just in the beginning of summer, all I can think of is Halloween, crunchy leaves, pumpkin pie, vampy nail polish, and walks outside in sweaters!
2. The author that has had the most profound impact on me is Dorothy Allison. A feminist scholar and fiction writer, Allison's voice is raw, poetic, sensual, and sharp as she grapples with themes of sexuality, identity, poverty, and family. She has written feminist scholarship that has been important to my own political and ideological thinking, but her poetry and non-fiction work is just as wonderful. I highly recommend her novel Cavedweller to everyone. If it weren't already clear how much I adore her, I have a Dorothy Allison quote tattooed on my ankle that reads "Change when it comes cracks everything open."
3. I am not much of an athlete now, but in high school and undergrad I was a pretty fierce lacrosse player. I still have my sticks and I play for fun from time to time, but I really miss competing and being a part of a team.
4. I am a bit of a foodie. I don't have much of an interest in becoming formally trained or learning how to cook gourmet; I am just an avid home cook who really loves to try out recipes and, of course, eat! I make a mean chili, and plan making some lemon poppy seed muffins later today.
5. My entrance into feminism was through Riot Grrrl, a genre of feminist punk music performed by and for young women. Riot grrrl's heyday was in the 1990's, so by time I got into it most of the bands were already defunct. But nonetheless, it was really powerful for me to hear other young women using their voice and fighting for visibility. Kathleen Hanna is still one of my favorite people ever.
6. In the same vein, I got really into zines in undergrad. Zines are independently produced and distributed magazines, and can be about anything. I still love zines, but don't write them as often. However, every time I teach I assign my students a zine project in place of a final exam.
7. Two years ago, all of my makeup fit into one small draw-string bag! On the typical day I wore eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, pressed powder, and lip balm. I didn't have brushes so I applied my eyeshadow (I maybe had 6 different colors) with my finger. Clearly, a lot has changed!

7 People I Tag
1. Gracie at Grace & Beauty
2. Tiffany at Will Work for Makeup
3. Amber at Lipgloss and Flipflops
4. Jill at Just Peachy
5. Little Ms What's Her Tights at What's Her Tights: Radical Fashion, Queer Politics 
6. Corrie at DizzyBrunette3
7. Haute Lacquer

Outfit: In the city

This nude/cream caftan flows with every step I take, which makes it perfect for twirling around. So that's exactly what I did when taking it out to the city. I like the movement in the butterfly wings and skirt, and yet it still shows some shape because it's tight at the waist. Will definitely be taking this versatile piece with me on my holiday next month - I can't wait!

kaftan dress
H&M heels
Club Manhattan star necklace
House of Harlow ring
American Apparel nail polish

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What I'm up to

Vogue Collections f/w 2012 and Stella McCartney collection I once blogged about

Got some administration and work to do, but first I'm browsing through my brand new copy of Vogue Collections fall winter 2012 with green tea and fresh blueberries. Even though I'm pretty much glued to my Style.com app, I prefer holding a magazine to have a closer look at my favorite collections (seeing them on the runway would be even better, obviously).

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Buffy Inspired Tutorial ft. UD Naked Palette

Into every generation she is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons,  and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer.
Aside from being a makeup junkie, and I a total Buffy the Vampire Slayer nerd. I grew up on the series, and must have watched the seven seasons 4 or more times from start to finish. Strong female characters, supernatural themes, queer story lines, witty humor- what's not to love? In addition to being independent, strong (both physically and emotionally) leaders, the women on the show are down right stunning. This tutorial is inspired by the leading lady herself. Buffy's makeup is always wearable and neutral, and she favors peach toned lips and blush. Her signature look is natural, glowing skin and heavy brown liner, particularly on the lower lash line to create a big, almost puppy-dog eye shape. The much beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette is perfect for achieving this look, though similar shadows could certainly be used in its place for this tutorial.

How to get the look:

1. After priming your face (I used Benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer), apply a mixture of your foundation and an illuminator to acheive Buffy's healthy, lit from within glow. I used Revlon ColorStay in Medium Beige mixed with a dab of Tarte Amazonian Clay Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum, and applied it using a blending sponge (Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge) for a natural finish.
 2. Cover up remaining dark circles and blemishes with concealer, using the same blending sponge to apply. Buffy has impeccable skin, even after slaying all night and saving the world. I used Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in Light Medium on blemishes, and Benefit Erase Paste in Medium on my under eyes.
3. Set your foundation and concealer with powder, and apply light highlight. I used Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Press Powder in Buff, and then dusted the slightly shimmery Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder in Translucent over my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupid's bow using e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush.
4. Buffy is a student, friend, daughter, girlfriend, and slayer- and still has time to contour! Contour cheekbones, temples, and nose with matte or minimally shimmery bronzer. I applied the bronzer in the Sephora Sculpting Disk using my Ecotools Travel Kabuki.
5. Apply peach blush for a natural flush. I applied e.l.f.'s Peachy Keen using e.l.f.'s Studio Blush Brush.
6. After priming your lids (I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin), apply Virgin from the Urban Decay Naked Palette to the inner 1/3rd of the lid, inner corner, inner lower lash line, and brow bone.
7. Apply Naked to the remainder of the lid. 
 8. Apply Buck to the crease and blend.
9. Apply a brown liner to the upper and lower lash line. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Whiskey, which came in the Naked Palette. Be sure to go all the way in to the inner corners. Avoid the water line. Soften and set top liner with a mix of Smog and Dark Horse, and set bottom liner with Smog only. Be sure not to smudge the liner too much- Buffy's liner is soft, but not smokey. 
10. Curl your lashes (I used the awesome e.l.f. essentials Lash Curler) and apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes (I used Revlon Grow Luscious in Blackest Black).
11. For the lips, apply a light peach lipstick and top with a peach gloss (I used Victoria's Secret Perfect Lipstick in Heartbeat from the Love Me Wild collection, and Buxom Lips in Sandy).

Now go kick some Big Bad butt!

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