Thrift Store Fashion Finds

Recently I have been following more fashion blogs and am always awed by the bloggers' sweet thrift store finds. I never really had much luck at thrifts stores; after hours of sifting through unwashed, outdated, and stained garments, I might find one nice piece that didn't fit me anyways. However, the new blogs I have been following have persuaded me to give second hand shops another go in hopes of finding unique pieces on the cheap. On a recent trip to my local thrift store, I found these pieces (that actually fit!) for a grand total of $15. Success, indeed.

My favorite score is this leopard print oxford long sleeved shirt. It has slightly billowy sleeves, and the image of a tiger, lion, cheetah, and zebra on the side. It is probably the ugliest and strangest 1970's mess of a shirt I have ever laid eyes on, yet I am totally obsessed with it. It has no tag, so I don't know who designed this little gem. I am picturing this  over some black leggings and cinched with a skinny belt, or tied up at the bottom and paired with a high waisted skirt.

I also bough this black and white polka dotted high waited  skirt. It looks brand new, and is a fun piece that I can imagine dressing up or down. It has a sassy retro, pin-up vibe that I'm loving.

Thirdly, I picked up this denim skirt by Converse. Nothing too special here, just a basic, versatile denim skirt. I do love the braided denim detailing on the back pockets. 

Lastly, I snagged this awesome silk scarf. Orange, lime green, and lavender is an unlikely color palette, but I was really drawn to it. I plan to tie this into a headband or as a triangle bandana around my neck.

Do you shop at Thrift stores? Do you have any tips on how to navigate the chaos and find the perfect piece?

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