Review: Yes to Tomatoes Facial Starter Kit

As I gradually transition to natural products, I have been most adamant that my skin care regiment be paraben, preservative, and chemical free. However, as an oily skinned and acne prone lady my face has traditionally responded well to non-natural brands (like Proactiv). As I get older my face has gotten more sensitive so I have been eager for an all natural skin care routine, but nervous about whether natural products would pack the acne and oil fighting punch I need. Yes to Tomatoes Facial Starter Kit was a great way to try out a few new natural skin care products formulated specifically for oily and combination skin. Retailing at $19.99 on the Yes to Carrots site, you save about $10 purchasing the set compared to buying each product individually, and you get a free spa headband to keep your hair out of your face! From the trio of products I discovered a hit, a miss, and a maybe- read on to figure out which one is which!

Facial Wash
I just finished my bottle of this and I do like it, but I am torn over whether or not I will repurchase. The scent certainly is not for everybody. As I mentioned in my review of the Yes to Tomatoes shampoo & conditioner, I really love the scent of the Yes to Tomatoes line. This facial cleaner is slightly fruity and earthy like those products, but is very sweet smelling. I have heard from some people who can't get over the scent of this product, but I quite like it. In terms of performance, I have been pretty impressed. Despite lacking the acne-fighting chemicles of my previous skin care products, it did a nice job of controlling my oil and keeping my skin clear. My face never felt tight and dry when I washed it off, but clean and fresh. My biggest gripe is that it does not foam or lather very well. If I really work it I can get some suds, but it is mostly like massaging a sticky gel into your skin. I prefer liquid cleansers that lather a bit more so I might explore some other brands, but this is overall a nice cleanser.

Facial Hydrating Lotion
How did I live before this lotion?!?! Of the whole set, this is the only definite keeper for me.  This lotion is more of a paste consistency, and does not have as strong of a scent as the cleanser. A small amount of this is all you need, and it soaks into the skin very quickly. No greasy lotion residue here! I can apply my makeup within just a few short minutes of applying this and my sunblock. I wear this only in the morning, as I prefer something a bit thicker at night. This lotion has done a phenomenal job of hydrating and balancing my skin, and I highly recommend it to those with oily and combo skin. I feel like this is the first lotion I have ever used on my face that is truly formulated for my skin's needs.

Facial Mask
This is the dud of the trio in my opinion. I really love clay masks that you let dry on your face, particularly those formulated for oily skin, but this is not something I would consider repurchasing unfortunately. When I applied this mask my face was initially tingly, but this tingle quickly progressed into a hot burning sensation. I stuck it out, hoping that my alarm actually meant that the mask was working. I rinsed off the mask to reveal splotchy, red irritated skin. Ouch! If your skin is not sensitive, you might like this but it was too intense for me. I prefer the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Face Mask.

Have you tried these products? What did you think of them? Do you have any recommendations for natural skin care products suitable for sensitive yet combo/acne prone skin?

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