It's my birthday!

Goood morning sweethearts! Waking up another year older today - it's my 22nd birthday today! And my twin brothers' too - obviously - so what better picture to post than one of us together, right? (You might have already seen this one but it's all I've got on this laptop.)

I honestly can't believe how fast this year went by, and how incredible it was. It surely was one of the best years so far, and quite a lot of it had to do with blogging and couldn't have been done without you :)

One of the huge highlights for me was the USA roadtrip with my boyfriend last summer, that fueled my America craze up to a point that I'm now obsessed with the thought of moving there at some point in the future (if you ever have a job for me in L.A. or NYC, give me a call ;)) And the travelling didn't stop there. I visited Paris three times; once for Paris Fashion Week and twice on press trips. I visited London Fashion Week too, with My Wardrobe, and of course Amsterdam Fashion Week was on my fashion agenda. Last februari I started an extra internship at ELLE magazine (which I'm still doing) as a journalist, after I finished interning at Grazia. This past year I've grown and learned more about writing and the magazine world than I could have imagined. Also personally a lot of things are in a really good place right now. I've made my This chick's got style in to my own company and I co-wrote a book about brand activation called Focus op Fans. Got my drivers license last week (I still don't get how that happened, honestly), got my Bachelors degree at University (and getting my Masters' in a few months), and all of this in the course of one year. (No wonder I'm so tired at times :P)

can only hope my 22nd year will be just as amazing and happy. Everything tells me it will, and I'm taking you with me for the ride. Love! Yara

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