Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Amber over at  Lipgloss and Flipflops awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award! Go pay Amber some love- she runs a great blog :) It feels really great to be recognized, even in this small way, particularly since I only started this blog 2 months ago and didn't really think anyone would read it.  Thanks for the support and comments everyone!

The Liebster Blog Award, from what I know of it, was created to show appreciation to smaller blogs. This award helps spread the word about notable blogs worth reading with fewer than 300 followers. Although one can choose not to pay it forward, those awarded are encouraged to award 3 to 5 other small blogs in turn to help spread the word about lesser known quality blogs.

Here is who I pass it on to. Check them out!
  • Jill at Just Peachy- Jill is the first blogger I ever communicated with, and she always leaves thoughtful and sweet comments on my posts. Her blog is full of FOTDs, love for indie cosmetics and beauty related DIY projects.
  • Gracie at Grace & Beauty- I just started reading this blog. Grace is full of good ideas, and has an awesome sense of humor. I actually laugh out loud while reading some of her posts! 
  • Amanda at Glitter and Toucans- I love the name of this blog, and Amanda always delivers high quality images and really gorgeous EOTDs.
  • Courtney at Those Graces- I am not positive how many followers Courtney has, but it is fewer that 300 on Bloglovin' so I am counting her in. Courtney is a feminist fashion and beauty blogger who delivers insightful, thought provoking pieces and high quality posts on makeup and fashion. Finding her blog was a big deal to me because she proved that 10 you can seamless integrate discussions of feminism, fashion, and beauty, and 2) some people might actually want to read it!

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