Zoya Creamy + Nail Bindis

 Yellow polish is really out of my comfort zone. I always figured it would make my hands look sallow and sickly, but I figured I would give the yellow lacquer trend a fair shot. Yellow nails have been spotted on a hoard of celebrities in the past few months, namely Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Katy Perry, and of course Chanel debuted the coveted shade Mimosa. Instead of dropping $25 on a polish (although I must admit it looks lovely), I opted for Zoya's Creamy. Creamy is a banana yellow that is simultaneously bold and soft. I love that even though it is bright it is still...well...creamy. As it turns out, it doesn't make my hands look sickly and I am now all about yellow polish! The formula is not as wonderful as the color, unfortunately. The formula tended to get goopey and I had difficulty getting it to even out on my nail. Nonetheless, I got opaque coverage in 2 coats and Seche Vite helped to smooth it out.

For a summery accent, I added a few tiny bindis to each index finger. I studied abroad in India for 5 months in undergrad and picked up a few packs of bindis while I was there. It has been over three years and I haven't used them much (maybe I could rock a Gwen Stefani circa 1998? Probably not.) Turns out the small ones make great gems for nail art. I just placed them on my nail with an orange stick and put a layer of Seche Vite on top. I have worn this mani for a few days, and those little buggers haven't budged! I am really impressed that they have survived vigorous hair washing and manic keyboard typing, and they don't show any signs of budging. You can probably pick up bindis at a local Indian grocer or shop; if not, they are bound the be found online!

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