One more week...

In 7 days I'll start my 3 week USA road trip with my boyfriend ♥! We'll hit up San Fransisco, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite and SanFran again. Does anyone know nice neighbourhouds or streets, especially in SanFran and LA? And what stores can't I miss? Tell me in the comments or via!

This weekend I'll start figuring out what to take with me. I've decided not to go overboard and pack lightly, since a suitcase is always too small at the end of a trip :P If you could pack your bags and leave for the best holidays right now, which 3 items would you definately bring with you?

Connect the dots

This lace skirt with scalloped hem from Queen's Wardrobe reminded me a bit of the lace items Stella McCartney did a while ago. So chic!

Skirt: Queens Wardrobe
Dotted blouse: H&M (in stores soon)
Booties: H&M
Glasses: Rayban

Goodbye Grazia!

As some of you might know, I've been interning at Grazia magazine for the past four months. This Monday I'll start my last week at the office and saying goodbye to this amazing team will not be easy. I'm glad I was able to write so many articles and I couldn't even imagine how much I've grown from the experience. I'm even more sure now that working at a magazine might be a future path for me. Already looking forward to what the future might bring! Cheers to a good last week :)

I'm selling my Zara clogs!

Hi sweeties! After long consideration I've decided to sell my gorgeous Zara clogs in size 39.

Update: clogs are sold

Two more

I don't want to give you a runway overkill, so these are my last two runway reports from Amsterdam Fashion Week. It's been a blast!
Twin sisters Spijkers & Spijkers showed their new, more affordablie line SIS. The collections had nautical references and was influenced by old Dutch culture. It gave fresh faced, feminine looks. The second collection is by Daryl van Wouw, an icon in Dutch fashion for his street couture. His collection is still sporty but also has oriental influences.

image credits: Peter Stigter

Little hearts

I thought the tiny hearts on this pleated skirt were adorable and they make me feel romantic in an instant. Excuse the familiar background, this was also taken during Fashion Week.

Skirt and bag: Zara
Tank and shoes: H&M
Hat: borrowed from Debbie


Dagmar showed one of my favorite collections during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The brand was founded by three Swedish sisters just 5 years ago and already seems to have a solid DNA. I was impressed by the variety of fabrics - from sheer, flowy skirts to leather tops and soft knits - that worked so well together. Dagmar’s feminine, wearable items with a masculine touch are exactly what I would hope to hang in my closet.

images: Peter Stigter


An outfit during Fashion Week. I'm having a great time visiting all the shows, getting new inspiration and catching up with people. The jacket I'm wearing here is one of my new favorites. It's paneled with two different black fabrics on the sleeves and side, and has a nude collar and back.

Paneled jacket: H&M trend (in stores soon)
Silk dress: H&M (in stores soon)
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Two finger connector ring: Forever 21
Necklace: River Island

More Fashion Week

Marloesblaas and Individuals are two out of the four collections I saw yesterday during Fashion Week. As for Individuals, I particularly liked their dresses and suits. You already saw the right dress in this post and I'm even more smitten with the print, cut and knitted shoulders after seeing it flounce down the runway. I want to wear it! Same thing goes for the green Marloesblaas jumpsuit, Hello Maverick flash backs ;)

images by Peter Stigter

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen was the second show I visited yesterday, and it was very well received. She took crystalization of water as an inspiration and her leather cut outs and fossil-like shapes can be very intriguing. Also, you can't really tell but the shoes were insane. I'll be putting those on my impossible to buy wish list!

credits: peter stiger

Kicking off Fashion Week

I kicked off Amsterdam International Fashion Week in a good way. After the opening party (dresscode: Black Tie). We visited two great runway shows by Spijkers & Spijkers and Iris van Herpen and had a great time catching up with everyone there. It went on until past midnight, but who cares, it's Fashion Week ;)! I'm wearing a dress with a buttery soft leather front + sleeves, a black cotton back and hidden pockets. A great pick when I had to get dressed, shower and do my hair in under 15 minutes!

Dress: H&M trend (in stores soon)
Clogs: Zara
Clutch: Zara


These strappy sandals with leather back from online shop Kymare are a much welcome variation to the giant platforms I'll be rocking this entire Amsterdam Fashion Week. Tonight is it's official opening party, followed by two runway shows, and I can't wait to suck up all the new trends and looks!

At Ready to Fish

Yesterday I kicked of Amsterdam Fashion Week (which officially starts on wednsday) by visiting the Ready to Fish runway show. I really liked what I saw; very well constructed and wearable items. My favorites are the fresh pantalons with flowy button downs, a marble printed silk jacket and dress and the cream maxi gown. Lovely!


Today I visited the store opening of Individuals, a graduation project of Amsterdam Fashion Institute students. My friend Jes has been working on the marketing section and I decided to drop by and see her in action. We've been girlfriends for 14 years, so about time I showed her on this blog ;)


This chick's got style was featured in Cosmogirl's Killer Blog's list. Nice!

Sunny days

I decided to enjoy the sun and catch some tanning time near a small bay. In my opinion I got somewhat sun kissed, but when taking pictures in sunlight this bright I look more like Edward Cullen than J.LO, haha. Oops!

Shopping spree

These are my Zara sale buys; I didn't intend to buy anything but couldn't pass up on this leather skirt with pockets - how very Céline! The fine knit is to take with me to California for in the evenings (YAY, 33 DAYS TILL I FLY TO CALI), it has lovely beading nd shoulder pads.

XOXO - Now I'm off to see Faithless in concert in the giant park near my house... We come one!

Sex and the City of Amsterdam

Yesterday Sabrina and I visited Sex and the City 2. (Slightly emberassing when we wanted to pay for our drinks and candy and I had forgotten my bank card, Sabrina's card turned out to be unusable. We managed to get the drinks with the few spare coins I had in my purse, but the chocolate had to be left behind, oops, haha!)

Since it was my second time watching the movie, it was time for a review. Don't get me wrong: I LOVED seeing the girls together again and the Jude Law is still cracking me up! But for someone like me that uses the DVD-shoebox as a bible, this movie didn't touch the show - or even the first movie. (spoiler alert!) A lot of big subjects were pinpointed- like Miranda quiting her carreer, Carries burnt down book and a gay marriage - just to be forgotten and replaced by sugar coated scences that focussed on glamour. I kind of missed Carrie's wittiness and nonchalance (since when is Carrie's biggest worry having the perfect pillows or a 1,5 year waiting list couch? Just saying.) I love her most when she's throwing on something random, rambling on her laptop in her messy home that felt like visiting a friend.
I really enjoyed it but if they ever do a 3d, I hope they make it a bit more personal again :) So for old times sake... Carries appartment post make-over!

(Do tell me, do you agree or not at all? And was movie 1 or 2 your favorite?)

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