Sex and the City of Amsterdam

Yesterday Sabrina and I visited Sex and the City 2. (Slightly emberassing when we wanted to pay for our drinks and candy and I had forgotten my bank card, Sabrina's card turned out to be unusable. We managed to get the drinks with the few spare coins I had in my purse, but the chocolate had to be left behind, oops, haha!)

Since it was my second time watching the movie, it was time for a review. Don't get me wrong: I LOVED seeing the girls together again and the Jude Law is still cracking me up! But for someone like me that uses the DVD-shoebox as a bible, this movie didn't touch the show - or even the first movie. (spoiler alert!) A lot of big subjects were pinpointed- like Miranda quiting her carreer, Carries burnt down book and a gay marriage - just to be forgotten and replaced by sugar coated scences that focussed on glamour. I kind of missed Carrie's wittiness and nonchalance (since when is Carrie's biggest worry having the perfect pillows or a 1,5 year waiting list couch? Just saying.) I love her most when she's throwing on something random, rambling on her laptop in her messy home that felt like visiting a friend.
I really enjoyed it but if they ever do a 3d, I hope they make it a bit more personal again :) So for old times sake... Carries appartment post make-over!

(Do tell me, do you agree or not at all? And was movie 1 or 2 your favorite?)

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