Shoot it

I felt like having a little photoshoot in my room :P (not my outfit of the day, definately more night-appropriate) This abstract, almost ink stain like, printed dress was a gift from my dad. He always likes pieces that stand out. I love printed dresses because they can be worn for every occasion and don't go out of style so easily.
Mango dress - DSquared booties (my mom's)

Ready for fall

h&m pink label dres stradivarius studded bag

zara leather biker jacket h&m pink label padded leggings

topshop padded & sequined shoulder dress h&m zip ankle boots

Hi! These are my latest buys. I bought the topshop dress and h&m pink label leggings before I went to Barcelona. For now, I have all the things I need or want for fall. I feel like I'm kind of done with shopping for a while, after visiting so many stores in Barcelona. But I´m sure that won´t last long ;)

Going to a big party in a former shipyard that lasts from 11 to 11. I'm off in an hour, so if you read this I'll probably be dancing!

Urban jungle

I'm back home! First thing to do... Unpack? Call my friends? Get some sleep? Wrong! Upload my Barcelona pictures and spam you guys with them!

My boyfriend took these and there were so many great pictures from this 'shoot'.
This h&m pink label dress is something that I really like on a hanger but somehow hardly wear. Judging by these shots, I think I should!
ray ban wayfarer - h&m pink label dress - zara heels

Meet my style

I was featured in a style interview on Girlscene, a very fashionable website. You can check it out here (it´s in dutch)


A little nude dress

Hi! I made this post back in Amsterdam so it´s not what I´m wearing today! When I was in China I tried on this nude dress and felt kind of Marilyn Monroe-ish, so you understand I had to get it. This is what I was wearing when I went for cocktails with my boyfriend and I felt like dressing up.

Barcelona is HOT and very nice! I haven´t really figured out where the best shopping is though! ;)

Dress from China - Asos belt - Zara heels - h&m blazer

Barcelona baby!

Reaching the grown up age of 20 (right ;)) I decided it was time for my first pair of designer sunnies. Hence the Ray ban wayfarers! This is definately an outfit I'll be wearing them with on my holiday!
About that: I'm flying to Barcelona in just a few hours and will be back @ blog the 27th. My laptop is not coming with me, but dont worry. I have some 'home made posts' that I'll put on my blog on a regular basis.

ps. I haven't had the time to respond to the comments on my previous two posts. This will probably be the same for the posts from Barcelona. Enjoy your weekend! x yara
topshop plaid - only shorts - ray ban wayfarers

Fashion idol of the week!

Mimi from the great blog La Mimi contacted me about being Fashion Idol of the Week! I'm so excited and Mimi is a real sweetheart. Check out the interview here!

"This week’s fashion idol is a beautiful blond Yara hailing all the way from Amsterdam. Yara is one of those girls who don’t need to work hard to look good. Tousled hair, natural make up and effortless outfits is her signature look. Stopping by her blog almost daily has become a routine for me, because her posts are sweet, short, and damn hot (just like her!). Take a look at what this chic stylista had to say and then head on over to her world."
Check out the interview here!

Faux fashion

This faux leather zip dress is perfect for layering this fall / winter. And the best part? It's only 35 euro's and available at h&m.

h&m divided: 35 euro's

Recovering zara-holic

Hi blog babes! Yesterday I pretty much wore all new zara sale stuff, including my tee dress (yes, you are dealing with a zara-holic). On the 14th I'm going to Barcelona, and since zara is a lot cheaper there I'm pretty sure I'll have an overdose.

zara dress - zara studded belt - zara studded bag - sandals from China

Millenium, the movie

I went to see the movie Millenium, (in dutch: Millenium, mannen die vrouwen haten) after the book of Stieg Larsson. My god, what a story! The movie is pretty dark and intense, it keeps you on the edge of your seat at all time. At a certain point it was so disturbing I had to cover my ears & eyes. Not what you would call a 'light' movie, but definately a good one. The story is constructed really well and the realistic style of filming with landscape stills in it and unbelievably well casted actors (how fascinating is that girl?!) made it in to something very special.

Floral time

It's so hot outside! The perfect time to bring out this breezy floral dress with slip dress underneath. I must say, color wise the new zara bag is a perfect match!
zara floral dress - diy studded h&m vest - zara suede chain bag - h&m ballet flats

And it was all yellow

A casual look of the day. I'm wearing an off white blazer with it. Just doing some work and meeting up with my boyfriend.

Zara sheer top - Pieces jeggings - Zara shoes - Guess watch - Zara off white blazer that's not in the pic.

Gay parade

Yesterday my friends and I went to the Gay Pride parade here in Amsterdam. We sat on a boat and watched the parade boats come by, they where looking good! The whole city was having a great time, the streets where packed!

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