Latest addi(c)tion

Hi there! This dress is from COS, h&m's older sister. It's actually from a few months back and although I couldn´t yet wear it then, I just had to have it. The dress is asymetrical, the one sleeve is a regular t sleeve, and the other side is draped. It's dark blue, although it seems almost black here! (the pictures are not great, I took a few quick shots).

And I realized I hadn't showed you my latest addition yet: a piercing right in the middle of my ear shell.

ps. Still not done with university stuff but the busiest part is over! Great feeling I must say :P

Looks I Like

I know that slowly I´ll have to decrease the amounts of black because spring is here (so excuse the dark edge). But don´t worry, there is an all-bright inspiration post coming up soon ;)

Vogue has letters too, you know

I personally love the idea of a set of books floating around on my wall! I found the first image of a book serving as a bookshelf a while back. It can be purchased thourgh and I think. But why not take matters in to own hands, and create one just the way you like it! For example by using your favourite book as the shelf. And for those of you who don't read books (shame on you ;) ), I'd love to see how this works out with magazines!

ps. I'll get back to every sweet one of you that left a comment, as soon as I give myself some time off from studying :)
Thanks for wishing me good luck! I'm kind or stressed out, so I'll need it! x yara

Welcome home!

A few days ago I welcomed these towering 13 centimeter platforms in to my closet. I think they're lovely! In this outfit I wore it with a zip dress and black blazer but I also wore leather look tights with it.

ps. Unfortunately I'll have to focus on final papers and exams for the next 2,5 week :( so there might not be that many outfit posts!

Turn on the music

It seems like an increasing amount of good designers is coming from Australia. The australian duo from The cassete society created this beautiful line with tough yet feminine looks. Very wearable and very 'right now'. I also love how the hair and shoes pull the looks together.

image credits: sorino

In the navy

I had completely forgotten about this navy blazer. The little anchor buttons are so cute! These diy shorts were replaced with jeans, because the weather is still too cold.

zara blazer - zara sheer white t (previous post) - DIY ripped shorts: unknown.

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