All that glitters is not gold

Stores are overflowing with sequins and other sassy shiners this holiday season. So if you're still stuck with a closet full of nothing on december 30th, a sequin dress is the easy way out. Get them at H&M, River Island or Asos and then splurge on some champagne!

Dress: River island - Shoes: Zara

Style file: H&M spring

The H&M spring collection has got me drewling. Must. Have. Beige. Shoes. These items are all about unexpected shapes and details. And sandy shades with a pop of color is always a plus in my book. I can't wait to play around with those grey jogger inspired pants. They would be so chic with a pair of wedge booties and a blazer! And a very legitimate craving as I registered at a gym today... (Honestly, I'd rather go shopping to burn some calories!)

Collage made with pictures by Caroline

Back to black

Black never fails to be chique. So I opted for an all black look to get dressed in a few minutes and still have the instant glam this color provides.

ps. Excuse the crappy quality of the first picture. When you take a picture after 5 pm ( = almost dark nowadays) you have to stand really still for it to be sharp!

Leather jacket: zara exclusive - Dress: topshop - Belt: Asos - Boots and hosiery: h&m - Self added chains

That's bananas!

Getting Rachel Zoe slang out of my vocabulary after watching the entire second season in one weekend is rather challenging, yet nessecary. Because answering that's bananas to any given question is just out of control. At own risk, here's the link to season 2. I die!

I ♥ Choo

Wet palms, nerves running, fingers aching. Just one night untill Jimmy Choo for H&M hits the stores! Which items will you be hunting down? I made quite an elaborate wishlist so... See ya online at 10 exact!

Get your hands on it

I got my hands on the coveted silver Chanel nail polish - literally. Since it's fall I'm layering garments all the time and decided to do the same thing for my nails. Applying this silver polish over a black one really gives a nice, deep color. The outfit is something I wore to university on a random day. Didn't intend to get repetitive with the stripes, but I do wear items more than once of course ;)
Leather jacket: Zara exclusive - Jeans: Acne - Ankle boots: h&m - T: h&m


Sometimes I get carried away thinking about free shopping sprees. In these daydreams I try on piles and piles of fashion goods and get to take everything with me. In a minor extent, this happend yesterday. I traveled al the way back to antwerp to spent the Louis gift voucher and after putting down a little extra cash, I brought home black Acne skinnies and a flowy Acne blouse with elongated back. It's is the ultimate staple piece. So off to another daydream now; outfit possibilities with my new blouse...

Blouse: Acne - Jeans: Acne - Bag: Guess - Necklace: River Island - Ankle boots: h&m

Stripe away

Although stripes have never really gone out of style, they're now bigger than ever. And it's not without reason. A striped tee is the perfect go-to item for when you don't feel like pondering on an outfit. And they're available at a broad range of price points. So I say, stripe away! I got this shirt a while back at h&m for just 10 euro's and love the low shoulder. Another low key shoot thanks to the weather, sigh..

striped shirt: h&m - padded biker leggings - h&m trend - necklace: river island - boots: graffiti

Dot com

It's not always the big things that make you happy. It doesn't take the perfect job, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect relationship and so on. Yesterday I slept in, grabbed coffee with my boyfriend, went for dinner and a movie. It made me feel great to have nothing to do and absolutely nowhere to go.

The movie I watched is New York, I love you and it's a must see for sure! Fragments of people's lives in the big city, that you can't really grasp because you don't know their backgrounds. Just as in real life. Today I wanted to shoot my panneled faux leather pants. Because of the rain I couldn't do that outside, so my boyfriend took these in my bedroom. (wouldn't wear these shoes out anymore, too cold!)

Meet maison Anna Heylen

These pictures were taken during the Antwerp fashion weekend on a visit to Maison Anna Heylen, a belgium design house, situated in a breathtaking building from 1904 (black walls, definately a decoration diy!). It has a champagne bar, a store, rooms to receive clients and more. Getting a small tour there was very inspiring. On the last picture you see some of the dolls Anna made, 'just to keep her hands busy'. They are so interesting, a little odd even, wearing unique creations in size xxxxxxxxxs.

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