Curled up

Started curling my hair again. It's finally long enough after my last catastrophic haircut made it too short I only liked it somewhat straight.

I posted this quick pic on
my Twitter and got a bunch of questions on how I did it. I'll try to do some sort of picture tutorial because my explanation isn't that clear but here it goes:

1) Dry your hair completely and
use a heat protecting spray

2) Divide all your hair in to three parts.
One small section on the top and two bigger, equal sized parts in the middle and bottom of your head. I use the top of my ears as an indicator of where to separate the middle from the bottom bart. Twist all your hair except the bottom layer in a bun so it’s out the way.

3) We start with the bottom layer.
Divide that in to a left side and a right side.

4) Begin curling with one side – I do left first.
Divide that side in pieces of hair that are about 4 centimeters wide - yes; most of the work is in parting hair ;) - and start curling those in a motion going away from your face. You hold the iron horizontally and then roll the iron in a motion going away from your face, starting at the tip of your hair.

5) Hold the iron for a few seconds and carefully roll it out. Immediately spray the curl with hairspray when it comes out of the iron. Now do the same with the right section.

6) You’re now done with the bottom section. Repeat step 3 to step 5 on the middle section of your hair.
   7) Now everything is curled except for a small section of hair on top of your head. Where the parting of my hair starts, I take a string of hair that's about 4 centimeters wide on both sides and curl those to the outside. This frames your face so pay extra attention to getting a perfect curl.

8) The rest of the top layer I curl like traditional curl rollers. I lift up the hair so the tip of the hair faces the ceiling and then roll the curling iron down to my head, rolling inwards.

9) Shake it out, lightly brush the curls so they become softer and set with hairspray again. Voilà!

 Two last tips:
- For a more natural look, curl some hair outwards (rolling the curling iron away from your face) and some inwards (rolling towards your face).

- For the best result clip the hot curls to your head with small (bobby) pins, hairspray that and take the pins out when the curls are cooled off.

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The bag...

Still overly excited that this bag is finally mine. Like I told you here, I've been lusting over the Balenciaga City bag ever since I was a young teenager. Right then I secretly set out a goal to have it one day, when I was all grown up. Now that didn't happen just yet. But with my Master's degree in sight, my new job at ELLE, making my blog a profession and just generally being in a good place, I felt like I had so much to celebrate and just did it. Couldn't be happier with this purchase and it really lifts up every simple outfit.

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Fierce Femme FOTD: Rose Gold

Rose gold has been a huge jewelry trend this summer, particularly when it comes to watches. I am not much of an accessories fanatic, but the hype around rose gold inspired me to create a makeup look that reflects the trend. I love this look because it is super quick and simple, and offers a great alternative to the bronzed gold looks that dominate in the summer.

Revlon ColorStay in Medium Beige
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Light Medium
E.L.F. HD Powder
Bronzer from the Sephora Sculpting Disk

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Glam
Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Score

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow in Sweet (shimmery candy pink on lid and lower lash line)
E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden (metallic golden bronze in inner v)
E.L.F. Cream Liner in Black (top lash line only)
Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in Rose Dipped Gold

Also, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I was so overwhelmed by the positive feedback, and Alex was simply tickled pink that you all enjoyed his contribution so much! I will definitely have to brainstorm some guest post ideas so we can see more of him on this blog!

Outfit: Kiss and tell

A date night outfit from about a week ago, still in Bangkok, that would have been great to pair with my new Balenciaga bag. (Which will be on my blog tomorrow!)

Zara tweed jacket
Forrest & Bob tank
River Island denim shorts
Fashionology quartz necklace
H&M heels
Ray Ban Wayfarers 

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Fashion journal: last holiday post

I promise this is the last holiday post, I just have so many images I feel like sharing and this is just the tip of the iceberg. When I'm in a country that is so different than my own, everything around me (even random street scenes) suddenly seems so photogenic and I can't stop clicking :P

What are you looking at?
1) At a beautiful beach, I was completely relaxed here
2) Japanese bridge in Hoi An (in Vietnam)
3) Hoi An fisher boats
4) Polkadots + neon nails = love
5) Lanterns on the street
6) House in Hoi An
7) My jumpsuit while shoppingin Bangkok
8) Old Japanese house in Hoi An
9) I've become addicted to lemonade
10) In the enormous gated residense where Vietnamese emperors lived from hundred of years ago up to the 1940's

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My Balenciaga buy

I did it! After quite a lot of thinking, saving (not the best timing with my summer holiday) and designer bag debate with ELLE-colleague Iris, I finally bought this Balenciaga baby. Can you guess what's inside the dust bag? To be continued... ;)

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Snake bite

The fashion world has been bitten by snake print. Yes, when Prada, Chloe and Missoni are sending snake skin down the runway, it's a trend. I can appreciate a subtle animal reference now and then, and this print is no exception. So to have this Stylestalker blouse waiting for me in my room was a great welcome home.

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FFB: My Partner and I Tackle Personal Style, Identity, and Feminism

Fellow Feminist Fashion Bloggers and I are tackling dating and relationships this month (check out the roundup of this month's themed posts here). I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to invite my partner, Alex, to contribute to the ongoing discussions about feminism, identity, and fashion that we have been having here in blogland. Together, we created a questionnaire addressing these topics and answer those questions from our own unique perspectives below.

Alex and I have been together for nearly three years, and during that time our identities have shifted in major, important ways. In discussing our relationship, we are opening up a part of our live in this post that usually remains separate from blogland. As such, we are a bit more vulnerable and sensitive so I ask that you be respectful and thoughtful in your responses. I do not tolerate homophobia or transphobia in any aspect of my life, online or otherwise.

 Alex tackles fashion, feminism, and identity...

How I would describe my personal style: Urban…indie style
My fashion icons: Jay-z and Adam Lazzara.
My favorite places to shop: Thrift stores and (when I can afford it)… Urban Outfitters
No outfit is complete without….. a Fitted cap and a new tattoo
My favorite article of clothing/accessory: T-shirts and fitteds
I wish _________________ would come back in style: 90’s style…jean jackets and the "I don’t give a hell" attitude with fashion
Fashion guilty pleasure: soft tee’s and fitteds
Lesson about style I learned from my partner: Color and pattern matching. I think I may be color or pattern blind. Why can’t I wear a plaid button shirt with camo shorts?
Most embarrassing fashion moment/phase: Pleather…it’s cheap, and the I just woke up look that I finally grew out of.
One article of clothing/accessory that my partner would love to throw out: Usually my shoes….I would wear a pair of shoes, especially flip flops or moccasins, until there would be nothing left.
What I love most about my body: Sometimes as a pre-op trans-masculine person I have a lot of things I would love to change about my body but there are some things that I am SO thankful for. ..for example….my shoulders and my stocky legs and my big blue eyes.
Favorite thing about my partner and his/her sense of style: Krystal has an amazing sense of style in general. She is great at styling her make-up with her outfit and finding a great deal on clothes!
What I want my personal style to convey to others: Masculinity. Again as a pre-op trans-masculine person I encounter the issue of “passing” often. I want to pass and in some situations feels like it is necessary. I like clothes that are not tight fitting due to natural curves and I think “man-acceries” are key: necklaces….hats …etc
How I use fashion to express my identity: It’s important that my fashion expresses my gender identity at this point in my life. Due to financial and health issues I am not currently able to take testosterone or have the resources to help others see me for who I am. So it is important that my fashion expresses who I am for those who may not read me for who I am.
How my personal style has changed/evolved since I have been with my partner: I have grown up a lot with Krystal. My style has changed on its own but with Krystal’s help, I have gone from young and wild bedhead to more sophisticated and put together.
Fashion and feminism are connected because….     Fashion and feminism are connected because gender identity and sex are STILL being confused. My gender identity is closely related to my fashion expression. I wear what makes me comfortable in my own body and most importantly I like to convey in my fashion expression that men CAN BE feminists. Almost any store that sells men’s clothing has a section with t-shirts that are degrading to women. I choose not to wear the t-shirts that have two women kissing because I know who is actually buying them....and it is not lesbians.   

 Krystal tackles fashion, feminism, and identity...
How I would describe my personal style: Part 80’s Biker Chick, part Boho, and part professional nerd.
My fashion icons: Lad Gaga, Kathleen Hanna, my mom!
My favorite places to shop: Second hand shops, local boutiques, and mainstream places like Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal, H&M when I buy something new.
No outfit is complete without….. mascara and lipstick!
My favorite article of clothing/accessory: I’ve recently gotten really into off the shoulder, loose fitting crop tops (worn over a cami- no belly buttons invited to this party!).
I wish _________________ would come back in style: Oh, so many things! Fanny packs, big messy hair, and white denim. Don't judge me.
Fashion guilty pleasure: Leopard print forever!
Lesson about style I learned from my partner: Alex has a much more spontaneous, carefree personality than I do and his style definitely reflects this. He has taught me not to over think what I wear, and that ultimately I need to be comfortable with myself regardless of what others may think of my style choices.
Most embarrassing fashion moment/phase: On the first day of eighth grade I wore neon pink snake skin pants with a black crochet sweater, platform shoes, and more accessories than one should ever think about wearing at one time. I also crimped my hair and attempted a “sunset” eye shadow look with bright pink and gold that day. I thought I looked fabulous at the time, but I cringe now!
One article of clothing/accessory that my partner would love to throw out: Probably a jacket I bought when I traveled to Scotland in high school. It is a camouflage bomber jack with (brace yourselves) a giant pink and purple embroidered quail on the back encrusted in sequins. It is pretty hideous, but I still love it!
What I love most about my body: I think I have a great ass!
Favorite thing about my partner and his/her sense of style: My favorite thing about Alex in general is his compassionate, loving heart and his youthful, fun loving spirit. In terms of style, Alex has no problem borrowing from different genres and styles to construct his own sense of fashion. He has no loyalties to a particular “look” or brand, and just wears what works for him.
What I want my personal style to convey to others: It depends on the setting. When I am in a professional environment, I want people to take me seriously as a scholar so I want to present myself as being polished and classic, but I still want my individuality to show through. In general, I like to present as a high femme with a rough edge that is slightly outside of the fashion mainstream.
How I use fashion to express my identity: When I first came out as queer it was really important to me that other people actually see me as queer. Being closeted means you are literally invisible, so the freshly out 14 year-old me donned all of the cultural symbols of queerness I could think of (rainbows, pixie haircut, puka shell choker….eeek!). Also, when I came out I didn’t have any role models (in real life or in the media) of queer women who were also very feminine so I thought I had to ditch that part of myself to be accepted in the queer community. As I grew older and came into my identities more, it became less important that the way I stylize my body explicitly communicate my sexual identity to others and for the most part people read me as being a heterosexual woman. Now, I embrace my high femme identity and find it empowering to be both queer and femme, and like to express that in my fashion choices.
How my personal style has changed/evolved since I have been with my partner: I was femme when Alex and I met, but I was not overly concerned with makeup unless there was a special event. Since then, my makeup stash/obsession has evolved from a small cosmetics bag to a full vanity! I have also come more into my own as a femme woman and my closet reflects that as well.
Fashion and feminism are connected because…absolutely everything in this world is political. How clothing is made, fashion advertisements, and our fashion choices are all totally bound up with issues of gender and sexuality, as well as race, class, and so forth. Sometimes we like to think that our participation in the fashion industry is somehow disconnected from our society’s “bigger issues,” or dismiss fashion as being trivial and superficial. However, as the Feminist Fashion Bloggers have been exploring for a while, every aspect of the fashion industry and our participation in it is intimately connected with the social, cultural, and political dimensions of our world. 

I hope your liked our consideration of feminism, fashion, and identity. We certainly had a great time coming up with the questionnaire and answering the questions! 

What do you want your fashion choices to say about your identity? 
Is your style influenced at all by your significant other?

Outfit: New lenghts

After leaving longer lengths alone for the past years, I've taken a new interest them this holiday. It must be the high comfort level. I might like the beige/black striped version of this dress even more (I posted it here), but this black basic has been worn so much the past month in Asia it is literally starting to fall apart.

COS sandals

H&M maxi dress
ASOS rose gold armour cuff
Zara belt

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Matte about you! Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Collection

Long time, no write! I apologize for the random disappearance- my parents surprised me with a visit to my new home and I start my doctoral work next week (eeeek!) so I have been a crazy lady and a bad blogger. In the future, I will not be posting as frequently as I have in the past unfortunately. My graduate work, it should go without saying, comes first. But have no fear, Power Femme will not disappear. You can expect two or three posts a week from here on out.

Since I have started blogging I have been meaning to swatch and review my collection of the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte lipsticks. I do not own the whole line but I do have over half, and I would venture to assume that they are the most popular of all of the Revlon Mattes. I haven't seen another drugstore brand carry matte shades, which makes this line pretty unique. Each lipstick will run you about $5-8, depending on your local retailer. For me, I get about 4 hours of wear on these, if not more (especially for darker shades like Really Red). Like most all mattes that formula can be a bit drying (so exfoliate and moisturize, girls!), but some much more so than others. This collection is a mixed bag of phenomenal hits and regretful misses, which makes it hard id them as a whole. Below you will find comparison swatches, as well as brief reviews of each individual shade.

 Nude Attitude is a shade that I picked up when I was first experimenting with nude lipsticks, and it is a miracle that this shade alone didn't scare me away from nude lips forever!  This shade is really the worst in this line of lipsticks. Nude Attitude applies patchy, dries out the lips, and highlights dry skin on the lips. I tried to salvage this purchase by layering almost every gloss in my collection over it, and it still just slipped around my lips and appeared patchy. Additionally, the shade itself, which is very "concealer nude," is not a flattering nude. If you are after blanked out lips, you would be better off using actual concealer! 

Mauve it Over has a nice formula (creamy, opaque), but this isn't a shade I reach for often. As you might have guessed, this is a mauve shade but it leans more brown on me than I prefer. However, those with warmer or darker skin tones than I might find this to be a nice "my lips but better shade."

 Smoked Peach is my absolute favorite of this whole entire line. I searched forever for this shade, as it seems to be a little bit harder to find than the rest of the matte line. Smoked Peach is a soft peachy orange. It is a really unique shade, especially for a matte and for a drugstore lipstick, and I find it really brightens up my face. I featured this lipstick in a guest post over at Makeup and Macaroons, and also wore it in this FOTD.

 Really Red is just that...really red! Formula wise, Really Red is the best of this collection: creamy, non-drying , and incredibly opaque. This lipstick lasts forever and makes for the classic pin-up look.

 Pink Pout is probably the most well known and well loved lipstick in the Revlon matte range among beauty bloggers. This was my first purchase from this line, and I bought it while searching for a dupe for the MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick I missed out on. Since I don't own the Gaga lipstick I can't speak to how close of a dupe Pink Pout, but I do adore this shade. It is a slightly cool toned baby pink that leans a bit lavender, and it gorgeous when paired with a smokey eye!

 Sky Pink is a true pale pink that is great for everyday wear. Pink Pout is paler and has blue undertones, while Sky Pink is more of a yellow leaning bubblegum pink. The formula is not as opaque as others in this line. I wore it in this FOTD.

 Stormy Pink was a bit of a let down for me. It is much more sheer and subtle than what I expected from the vibrant fuchsia tube. This shade needs to be built up quite a bit for good color payoff, and can be a bit drying. I usually pair this lipstick with a gloss, which defeats the purpose of a matte finish but it is how I think it performs best. Despite being a bit misleading, it is still a lovely shade.

 L-R: Nude Attitude, Mauve it Over, Really Red, Smoked Peach
 L-R: Nude Attitude, Mauve it Over, Really Red, Smoked Peach
 L-R: Pink Pout, Sky Pink, Stormy Pink
 L-R: Pink Pout, Sky Pink, Stormy Pink
The Final Verdict
Run for your life: Nude Attitude (the worst lipstick I have ever had the displeasure of using)
Run to the store: Pink Pout, Smoked Peach, Really Red (I would but all three of these shades over and over again!)

Shopping: A tweed treasure

After spending weeks in places where fashion isn't a big priority, which can be nice as well, I couldn't help but indulge when I got back to Bangkok and visited their supersize luxurious malls. One souvenir is this red boucle jacket, with leather detailing to make it more modern. Something I think is essential with these type of jackets, they can easily be a bit too mature. My plan is to mix them with some old skinny jeans or anything leather. (But then again, that's a good wardrobe strategy for almost everything).

Zara tweed and leather jacket

Outfit: Take on tribal

This tribal printed jumpsuit brings back memories from last year, when I wore it to my first international Fashion Week in Paris (remember this post?). I haven't worn it much after that, but the print and crossed back still make it something special.

H&M Trend jumpsuit
COS sandals
Fashionology bird skull necklace
Zara bag

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