Holiday hair

I was asked to share some fashion and beauty advice while travelling. Hope you like this new small travel category and stay tuned for a big fashion packing post and my holiday cosmetics one-on-one!

Being on holiday includes sunbathing, a subtle brown skin and naturally highlighted locks. However, it also means damage to my hair, and after two weeks I’m starting to notice the effects of all different influences here. It gets a bit frizzy because of the heat, dry and damaged from the sun and sea (blonde hair is the most breakable, lucky me), and static from the A/C. If I blow-dry it makes it smoother, but of course that’s not a solution and I’d rather tackle the problem from the inside. So a key word for me is natural oil. I was actually told oil is the oldest beauty ingredient; it’s been used here in Asia for thousands of years and the Greeks and Egyptians used them in their beauty routines (hey; what’s good enough for Cleopatra is surely good enough for me!). So I’m trying out the shampoo, conditioner and mask from a new line called Nourishing Oil Care, which is by Dove. It has almond oil, coconut oil (totally matches my tropical location :P) and mineral oils which will hopefully works as a hair emergency rescue, with another 3 weeks of sea and sand to go!

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