Curled up

Started curling my hair again. It's finally long enough after my last catastrophic haircut made it too short I only liked it somewhat straight.

I posted this quick pic on
my Twitter and got a bunch of questions on how I did it. I'll try to do some sort of picture tutorial because my explanation isn't that clear but here it goes:

1) Dry your hair completely and
use a heat protecting spray

2) Divide all your hair in to three parts.
One small section on the top and two bigger, equal sized parts in the middle and bottom of your head. I use the top of my ears as an indicator of where to separate the middle from the bottom bart. Twist all your hair except the bottom layer in a bun so it’s out the way.

3) We start with the bottom layer.
Divide that in to a left side and a right side.

4) Begin curling with one side – I do left first.
Divide that side in pieces of hair that are about 4 centimeters wide - yes; most of the work is in parting hair ;) - and start curling those in a motion going away from your face. You hold the iron horizontally and then roll the iron in a motion going away from your face, starting at the tip of your hair.

5) Hold the iron for a few seconds and carefully roll it out. Immediately spray the curl with hairspray when it comes out of the iron. Now do the same with the right section.

6) You’re now done with the bottom section. Repeat step 3 to step 5 on the middle section of your hair.
   7) Now everything is curled except for a small section of hair on top of your head. Where the parting of my hair starts, I take a string of hair that's about 4 centimeters wide on both sides and curl those to the outside. This frames your face so pay extra attention to getting a perfect curl.

8) The rest of the top layer I curl like traditional curl rollers. I lift up the hair so the tip of the hair faces the ceiling and then roll the curling iron down to my head, rolling inwards.

9) Shake it out, lightly brush the curls so they become softer and set with hairspray again. Voilà!

 Two last tips:
- For a more natural look, curl some hair outwards (rolling the curling iron away from your face) and some inwards (rolling towards your face).

- For the best result clip the hot curls to your head with small (bobby) pins, hairspray that and take the pins out when the curls are cooled off.

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