Matte about you! Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Collection

Long time, no write! I apologize for the random disappearance- my parents surprised me with a visit to my new home and I start my doctoral work next week (eeeek!) so I have been a crazy lady and a bad blogger. In the future, I will not be posting as frequently as I have in the past unfortunately. My graduate work, it should go without saying, comes first. But have no fear, Power Femme will not disappear. You can expect two or three posts a week from here on out.

Since I have started blogging I have been meaning to swatch and review my collection of the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte lipsticks. I do not own the whole line but I do have over half, and I would venture to assume that they are the most popular of all of the Revlon Mattes. I haven't seen another drugstore brand carry matte shades, which makes this line pretty unique. Each lipstick will run you about $5-8, depending on your local retailer. For me, I get about 4 hours of wear on these, if not more (especially for darker shades like Really Red). Like most all mattes that formula can be a bit drying (so exfoliate and moisturize, girls!), but some much more so than others. This collection is a mixed bag of phenomenal hits and regretful misses, which makes it hard id them as a whole. Below you will find comparison swatches, as well as brief reviews of each individual shade.

 Nude Attitude is a shade that I picked up when I was first experimenting with nude lipsticks, and it is a miracle that this shade alone didn't scare me away from nude lips forever!  This shade is really the worst in this line of lipsticks. Nude Attitude applies patchy, dries out the lips, and highlights dry skin on the lips. I tried to salvage this purchase by layering almost every gloss in my collection over it, and it still just slipped around my lips and appeared patchy. Additionally, the shade itself, which is very "concealer nude," is not a flattering nude. If you are after blanked out lips, you would be better off using actual concealer! 

Mauve it Over has a nice formula (creamy, opaque), but this isn't a shade I reach for often. As you might have guessed, this is a mauve shade but it leans more brown on me than I prefer. However, those with warmer or darker skin tones than I might find this to be a nice "my lips but better shade."

 Smoked Peach is my absolute favorite of this whole entire line. I searched forever for this shade, as it seems to be a little bit harder to find than the rest of the matte line. Smoked Peach is a soft peachy orange. It is a really unique shade, especially for a matte and for a drugstore lipstick, and I find it really brightens up my face. I featured this lipstick in a guest post over at Makeup and Macaroons, and also wore it in this FOTD.

 Really Red is just that...really red! Formula wise, Really Red is the best of this collection: creamy, non-drying , and incredibly opaque. This lipstick lasts forever and makes for the classic pin-up look.

 Pink Pout is probably the most well known and well loved lipstick in the Revlon matte range among beauty bloggers. This was my first purchase from this line, and I bought it while searching for a dupe for the MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick I missed out on. Since I don't own the Gaga lipstick I can't speak to how close of a dupe Pink Pout, but I do adore this shade. It is a slightly cool toned baby pink that leans a bit lavender, and it gorgeous when paired with a smokey eye!

 Sky Pink is a true pale pink that is great for everyday wear. Pink Pout is paler and has blue undertones, while Sky Pink is more of a yellow leaning bubblegum pink. The formula is not as opaque as others in this line. I wore it in this FOTD.

 Stormy Pink was a bit of a let down for me. It is much more sheer and subtle than what I expected from the vibrant fuchsia tube. This shade needs to be built up quite a bit for good color payoff, and can be a bit drying. I usually pair this lipstick with a gloss, which defeats the purpose of a matte finish but it is how I think it performs best. Despite being a bit misleading, it is still a lovely shade.

 L-R: Nude Attitude, Mauve it Over, Really Red, Smoked Peach
 L-R: Nude Attitude, Mauve it Over, Really Red, Smoked Peach
 L-R: Pink Pout, Sky Pink, Stormy Pink
 L-R: Pink Pout, Sky Pink, Stormy Pink
The Final Verdict
Run for your life: Nude Attitude (the worst lipstick I have ever had the displeasure of using)
Run to the store: Pink Pout, Smoked Peach, Really Red (I would but all three of these shades over and over again!)

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