Holiday journal

A lot of pictures and a lot of words on this week's travel tales. What a week it's been, involving beaches, crappy busses and culinary adventures. Starting with a horrible trip that I already hinted about here (some highlights: our 15 hour bus wasn't direct like our very expensive tickets said, it had 4 transfers including non-A/C local busses in the boiling sun. In fact the bus tickets weren't even Vietnamese but Cambodian! We then had to get on the back of different motorbike drivers to bring us to a station. With no idea if we could trust them, my boyfriend and I AND our luggage were separated. We had booked a minivan but had no choice because it was in the middle of nowhere).
Anyway, we arrived in a touristy beach town where we spent a few days with my twin brother and his friends who happened to be passing through there as well. Did some partying and I channeled my inner Masterchef in a Vietnamese cooking course (proud to say I was the best of the group). Now I'm all packed up and waiting for another bus to bring us to Hoi An, a beautiful place that I have strong memories form since my childhood visit. Keep you posted!

What are you looking at:
1) Me at the beach
2) Ho Chi Minh City
3) Sunbed
4) Local food market in Nha Trang
5) Delicious fruit shake
6) Fish in aquarium
7) Me in Mui Ne
8) My cooking course dish with Mastershef potential ;)
9) Local food Market
10) Nha Trang beach beds
11) Fish at the food market

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