August Birchbox- I've Got the Birchbox Blues

 It is approaching the middle of the month, which means Birchbox subscribers the nation over wait eagerly by their mail boxes for their packages to arrive. And we have reason to be excited, for we have received some crazy awesome and generously sized goodies in the past. Some of my previous favorite items include a full sized Laura Geller blush, a huge tube of LAVANILA body butter, and mini Zoya polishes. The memory of these goodies kept me hopeful for more to come, but I must say that Birchbox hasn't been impressing me. In fact, when I opened up this month's Birchbox and saw the sight below, I thought "Umm...That's it?!"

Here is what I received this month:

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue
Of all of the perfumes samples I have received in my Birchboxes, this one smells to best to me. It is, like the name suggests, heavily orange scented with a touch of wine. I'll use this up, but I am pretty set with my fresh Citron de Vigne which has a similar scent profile.  I do like the postcard that came with this, though.

blinc Mascara
This is the one item that saved this month's Birchbox from being a total  disappointment. I like the idea that this mascara forms water resistant tubes over your lashes, and I am excited to give this a try.

Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream
Itty bitty sample of a product that wouldn't otherwise think twice about. I do enjoy a good eye cream, so again, I'll try this.
Fix Malibu Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash
I like the idea of this product- a powder that turns into a foaming exfoliator when combined with water. However, it sounds a bit messy!
twistband Hair Tie
Umm seriously? A metal-less hair tie is not a revolutionary concept. The Birchbox info card claims this hair tie looks as good as your wrist as it does in your hair. I'm not buying the hair tie doubling as a bracelet deal. 

Overall, I'm not too excited about this month's selection. Although Birchbox has indeed introduced me to a handful of products that I have enjoyed,  it just doesn't seem worth my ten bucks every month. I intend to cash in my Birchbox points and cancel my subscription. If I decide to subscribe to a monthly service like this again, I think I will give EcoEmi a shot, since they feature only natural and organic goodies.

How are you feeling about Birchbox these days? 
Are your disenchanted or happy with the service?

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