Juicing Journeys

Seeing as Power Femme is a blog dedicated mostly to beauty products, fashion, and feminism, this post on juicing may initially appear a little out of place. However, beauty starts from the inside, and there is nothing as gorgeous as being healthy. Make up and cute clothes can only do so much for us if we don't treat our bodies right. Those things, I am trying to teach myself, are really just the icing on the cake, to use an unhealthy metaphor!

In that vein, I am on a mission to start treating my body nicer. This means a diet makeover! I have been striving to include loads more fruits and veggies, and juicing has been my favorite new way of acheiving this. I recently watched the fantastic documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (which is available on instant for fellow Netflix users), and the next day my partner and I invested in a juicer. We bought a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer on sale for around $80 after discovering the juicers featured in the documentary are at least three times as costly. Although we bought a budget juicer, I couldn't be happier. I am officially a juice-aholic!

 All you do is feed your choice of veggies and fruits down this shoot....
 ...and out pours your juice!
The fibrous pulp is separated and projected into the side pulp bin. 

 My partner, clearly feeling the benefits of juicing!

The benefits of juicing are numerous
To name just a few :
-Nutrients are more quickly absorbed by the body when they are in liquid.
-Juicing gives your digestive system a break.
-Juicing is great when you want to detox your body.
-Juicing is really energizing!
-Juicing allows you to consume more nutrients from fruits and veggies than would otherwise be possible in a given meal.
-You get to customize your own recipes! Juicing is yummy!

Here is a juice I made for breakfast the other day made from the fruits and veggies pictured above. It tasted quite strongly of grapefruit and was really delicious! There is no way that I could have otherwise consumed 10 strawberries, a whole pink grapefruit, one apple, half a cucumber, one tomato, two large carrots, and a bundle of celery for breakfast.

I would love to periodically discuss juicing and post some juice recipes here if you all wouldn't mind!
Do you juice? 
Have you made any recent lifestyle changes to be more healthy?

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