My Lipstick Bar

While browsing the knick-knacks at our local second-hand shop, my partner found this little gem for less than a buck. The original owners of this lipstick bar must have come upon it in a gift shop in Luray Caverns, VA- it is an odd souvenir to remember the caves by but it is charming nonetheless! 

It clearly wasn't getting the love it deserves so I brought it home with me, and now it proudly displays my favorite lipsticks (and glosses!) of the moment! It is also a great way to encourage myself to use lipsticks that have fallen to the bottom of my collection and show them some affection! 

I am thinking about doing a monthly Lipstick Bar post where I feature my current favorite lipsticks and ones that I bringing back into the daylight - what do you think? Would be interested in seeing a monthly post on my Lipstick Bar?

 What's currently in my Lipstick Bar?
From L to R:
MAC Viva Glam Gaga2
MAC Musky Amethyst
Revlon Super Lustrous Primrose
Revlon Moon Drops Rose Dipped Gold
Revlon Super Lustrous Siren
Hard Candy Glossaholic Chill Out

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