Win a trip to Portugal!

For those of you that aren't on Fashiolista yet; it’s a website with images of items from stylish webshops, where you can select your favorites, put together fashion lists and show others your style. I’m on Fashiolista it because it’s a lot more efficient and fun than going through every webshop, and you get in touch with other people at the same time. You can find my Fashiolista profile here, to follow the items I love. And now they're giving away a trip to Portugal!

What you need to do?
Become a member of Fashiolista. (This literally takes 3 seconds, you can even do it with FB connect)

 You use the list tool to put together your 10 ‘essential holiday favorites’. Out of everything on Fashiolista, which 10 things would you absolutely pack? Name that list your Lisbon Summer Wishlist.

And then? Get as MANY Facebook likes on your Wishlist. Ask all your fellow fashion friends to vote! On July 15th the 10 most liked lists will be posted and a winner is randomly chosen.
Love, Yara

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