Outfit: Between the lines

I hold Isabel Marant personally accounted for creating a craze around cropped red leather pants. Finally I own a pair and I think it will be a wardrobe staple next fall. Didn't want to post this yet though, because I wore leather pants in my previous outfit as well but hey... Sometimes you just wear some of the same things. I'm already glad I managed to shoot a few outfit shots :) I've been working as an editor 5 days a week - an amazing experience - and doing everything blog related after work hours and on weekends. I'm basically running my own little business next to a fulltime job and last week was too hectic to shoot. Soon things will slow down a little and I'll find some balance between these two things I love doing :) For now I'll keep posting pretty much every day like I already do and thanks for always coming back!
♥ Yara

 PS. Did you already make a list with your 10 holiday essentials to win a trip to Portugal here? And did you agree with my items in the post? I really hope one of you wins the contest :D

In this outfit
H&M trend
 pants and heels (in stores soon)
Fashionology knuckle ring and vertical ring
Shampalove bag

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