Craving for denim

Having friends is nice and all... but having friends with the same dress size, that's just great! Shopping in your friends closet is the ideal way to update your looks without spending a buck.
The sad thing is, you'll actually have to give it back ;)

I'm lusting after a nice fitted denim blouse for a while now, but with no luck. Every shirt I come across is way too oversized. Note to designers: if I want to look like I borrowed my clothes from a guy, I'll just buy a size XL. No need to do the work for me! :P Anyways, my friend Malou got her hands on this delicious denim by Zara. So I borrowed it to bring to the Antwerp fashion weekend
and snapped a picture before that. Going out to do dinner and drinks with three girlfriends now, what are your weekend plans?

Leather biker jacket: Zara exclusive - Denim shirt: Zara - Leggings: Kani Ladies - Overknee's: Graffiti - Bag: Zara

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