Big news!

Some of you that follow me on Twitter, where I often share more personal information than on my blog, already know I had something very exciting coming up. Mostly I prefer keeping my work and my blog separated, but I really do want to share this big news with you... Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be working at ELLE as an intern, writing articles for the magazine. I'm incredibly excited to contribute to one of the world's leading fashion magazines. When I was around 10 I devoured my mother's ELLE's - and did the same with my ELLEgirl later on. You can say it's a title that's close to my heart. To fulfill this dream, I rolled out of university - since I have already finished an internship at Grazia magazine - and I'll be back to write my Master thesis in September. Amazing how time flies, and it's unbelievable yet thrilling that I'll be graduated next Februari with another great experience to take with me.

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