Lazy days

Sometimes on a Sunday I want to dress laid back, with nothing fancy but a faux fur and some red nails. Especially when I'm busy and let me tell you... Busy is my state of mind right now. As you might know, I'm going through one of the most exciting periods I've ever experienced. Which does mean I'm currently working three (great!) jobs; fulltime at ELLE magazine and next to that putting up almost daily blog posts on This chick's got style. And then there's the 3d thing... something HUGE:

I co-wrote a book
with my father Wil Michels (a bestselling author on communication and branding who - together with my mother - taught me all about writing).
Our book is called Focus op Fans and it's in bookstores all over the Netherlands since this week!! I'll tell you all about it soon and to give you an idea: it's about branding + social media + activating your brand's fan base. You can see the book's cover and read about it on right here!

Zara bag / American Apparel tank / old Converse shoes / gifted faux fur / Pieces jeans

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