Fashion journal avec Paris

Being in Paris in spring makes me appreciate the beautiful city even so much more. It's a city so iconic, so varied and alive. Paris is really big and I've always found it quite difficult to get a grip on all the districts, but everything is slowly starting to fall in place. I was there for presentations with a few other fun Dutch journalists and I enjoyed my whirlwind stay just as much as two weeks ago. To be honest, I already want to go back and stroll by the water and historic buildings with my boyfriend. But let's focus on our next Asia trip first!

What are you looking at?
1) Just a random shot in Amsterdam
2) My favorite neighbourhood in Paris: le Marais
3) & 5) Concept store Merci is a must see
4) Getting my make up done at Yves Saint Laurent
6) Mail box
7) Time to shop

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