Review: Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel

In my recent ABCs tag, I passingly mentioned that the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel is an essential start to my morning. In short, I love this product! Here is my full review.

This is one of my favorite Yes to products, and it was love at first application. Even my partner likes it! There are few products that I adore enough to have a backup of tucked away in my drawer, but this one of them.

The Yes to Cucumebers Soothing Eye Gel is just that-- a gel. A pea sized amount is enough for both eyes, and I apply it with my finder tips to my undereye area, lid, and up to my brow bone each morning after I cleanse and tone my face. It has a mild scent that doesn't bother me, and the formula does not irritate my sensitive skin and eyes.The gel absorbs quickly into my skin and does not leave my feeling sticky like some gel based products. The gel is cooling and gently moisturizes and depuffs my sleepy peepers in the AM. Also, it is fortified with cucumbers and is 99% natural, which I love. I opt for something more moisture intense before bed, but I couldn't imagine using a different eye product in the morning.

The plastic packaging doesn't feel cheap, and the pump doesn't make a mess like some do. It is easy to control the amount of product you get out. No complaints on packaging!

My first bottle ran me around $14 at Target, but I picked up my backup (pictured above) at Walgreens for half the price.

Check out this and other Yes to products at their website!

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