OPI Black Shatter over Zoya Gaia

By this point we have all seen eight million pictures of OPI's Black Shatter over every polish known to womankind. So here are a few more!

Seche vite really prolonged the wear of my Zoya Gaia mani, but I am not used to rockin' the polish for more than four days. Sicne it wasn't chipping I didn't want to take it off, but frankly I was getting bored with it. The easiest way to transform the look of sweet, angelic Gaia was to throw some edgy black shatter over top!

The gorgeous gold shimmer is for the most part lost with the addition of black shatter, but I think enough peeks through the cracks to add some dimension and interest beyond what a plan creme white polish can give.

What do you think- are you totally over shatter polishes, especially black? Have you seen the new Sally Hansen ones in store yet? What is your favorite shatter combo?

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