Review: Wet n Wild Glassy Glosses

A while back the kind people at Wet n Wild sent me these Glassy Glosses for consideration. I believe this range was released in the summer, but there is certainly no reason why these gorgeous glosses can't be enjoyed all year round. These are available at most WnW retailers for $2.99 a pop.

The packaging of these glosses is really up to personal preference. I know some people only like glosses with wand applicators, but I really adore the tubes with the slant applicators. These remind me of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush tubes at the fraction of the price. I like the tube packaging because I can just pop one in my pocket if need be.

These glosses have a tropical fruit flavor- think melon and pineapple. It isn't overwhelming, plastic-y, or sickly sweet like some glosses.

The three shades I have to share, which are all cleverly named, are Mow the Glass, This Too Shall Glass, and Glass Confusion. 

 Mow the Glass is a sheer melon coral gloss without shimmer or glitter. Applied, it leaves a very 'wet', juicy look to the lip. There is not a lot of color pay off here, but it does brighten up your lips a touch more than a simple clear gloss would. I love to layer this over coral lipsticks to add some high shine.

 This Too Shall Glass is a dusty baby doll pink loaded with pink, gold, and silver shimmer. While the color is certainly not opaque, this will mute out your lips just a touch and give your kisser a light pink tint. Of the three glosses, this is my favorite to wear alone. It really compliments dark, dramatic eye looks.

Glass Confusion is pink mauve with a touch of berry. Like This Too Shall Glass, it is jam packed with shimmer. As we move into Fall, I can see myself using this gloss more and more. As the darkest of the three glosses, this one has the greatest color payoff. 

The formula of these is pretty thick (they are called "gels" after all), but I think they have an almost creamy feel on the lips. I personally don't find them overly sticky. In fact, these are pretty moisturizing. I find they last for  2 hours or so before I feel the need to reapply.

As the range name suggests, the claim to fame for these glosses is that they are glassy- that means high shine and loads of shimmer. In this respect, I would say that these glosses live up to their name!

L-R: Mow the Glass, This Too Shall Glass, Glass Confusion

This product was sent to me for consideration by PR. I am not being paid or compensated for this review. My review, as always, represents my experience alone with the product and is 100% honest.

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