MAC Paint Pot in Idyllic

When MAC's Posh Paradise collection launched, I knew the paint pot in Idyllic, a coppery red, was definitely my kind of shade! I threw it into my online shopping cart, and then proceeded to think for a few days about my pending purchase. Of course, while I was so wisely mulling it over, the little bugger went out of stock. Panic ensues. I don't live near a retailer that sells MAC, and all of the online department stores were out of stock as well. As a last stitch effort I browsed Ebay, and thankfully uncovered a highly rated seller with Idyllic available for only a couple of bucks more than I would have paid for it at MAC. I have learned my lesson: although it is smart to think through purchases, if there is an item that you *know* you love and will use, by all means buy it! Especially if it is limited edition!

Having never used a paint pot before, I was surprised by how soft and creamy the product is- for some reason, I imagined the formula would be a bit harder. I don't have application down quite yet- using my finger was a little messy, and a brush took too long. Any tips for a pain pot newbie?

Idyllic looks very red toned in the pot, but once swatched or applied it transforms into more of a copper brown. It is an incredibly gorgeous shade that I will certainly make a strong appearance in my Fall rotation.

Did you pick up anything from Posh Paradise? 
Any paint pot tips for a newbie?

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