Basic Essentials Haul

You may have noticed that I haven't been hauling a lot lately. While I am certainly not on a no-buy, I have somehow managed to rein in my impulse to spontaneously splurge. Now, I thoroughly research cosmetics before I open my pocket book and focus on using and appreciating what is currently in my collection. However, this lack of hauling means that I am using up products, makeup and otherswise, like a mad woman. The other day I discovered that my stock of everyday skincare and cosmetics essentials was depleted! Here is what I broght home from a quick trip to Target- no unessesary buys jumped into my basket either!
Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover
This stuff is cheap but it gets the job done. After I finished up my last bottle of this I started using coconut oil to remove my eye makeup, but I ran out of that, too!

St. Ives Skin Renew Collagen Elastin Lotion
I started buying this product way back when it was sold in tubs as a face cream. It appears that the formula is still the same, though it is now marketed as a body lotion. This body lotion is not fragranced, sinks into the skin lightening fast, is incredibly hydrating, and is slightly firming. I feel like my skin is in good condition when I use this stuff, and I use it on both face and body. Bonus: it is very affordable, and my partner loves it, too!

Yes to Tomatoes Perfect Balance Facial Set
 This is my second time buying this set, though I have also bought sever of the items included individually. My main love from this kit is the Yes to Tomatoes facial lotion- oily and combo skinned babes, you need this in your life. The whole kit, which also includes a facial wash, mask, and headband, was on clearance for $13 (each product is usually around $10) so in the cart it went.

Goody Ouchless Hairties
Basic necessity for long haired ladies.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
I have been reading rave reviews about this product for ages, so once I used up all of my setting powders I made sure to pick one up. A full review is coming soon, but as of now it is living up to reputation! 

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
This past month I also finished up a tube of clear mascara, which I use to set my brows. My rationale in picking Great Lash was simply that it was the cheapest clear mascara I could find at Target. However, I am really glad I got this one because the wand is very small- perfect for sorting out my wild brows. 

Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush
My previous eyeliner brush was legit crap- but what can we expect for a no name $2 cheapo from the grocery store? I have now repurposed it as a nail art brush to make way for this Sonia Kashuk Bent Liner Brush. This has been working beautifully with cream liners for me, and makes winged liner effortless.

Despite this essentials haul, I am still on the market for a few basics! I am on the market for a good primer, tinted moisturizer, and foundation as well.
High end or low end, what are your suggestions?

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