Pink Ribbon gets it right

Each October, Pink Ribbon takes over the Netherlands and sets up really big events. I’m supportive to their goal to raise awareness, in a positive way, for a disease that strikes 1 in every 8 women. And when you can do so while shopping – or undressing one of Holland’s most handsome actors by liking on Facebook and perhaps win a phone at the same time... I’m in ;)
Read on to see how this all works... or just visit yourself.

For starters, Pink Ribbon teamed up with Samsung and Dutch provider KPN for a limited edition lady phone of which a part goes directly to their breast cancer foundation. I know shopping for a good cause is pretty much as good as it gets, but just as exciting is that picture of actor Barry Atsma, laying down and covered in nothing but little pink boxes. If they reach enough 'likes' on Facebook the boxes will disappear one by one, in the end revealing ehm... probably everything. And at the same time you get a chance to win one of these phones, they’re giving away 40!

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