Outfits: Paris FW day 1

Starting off this PFW post with a highlight: I visited the Viktor & Rolf show which was such a spectacle and can't really be described in words so I'll show you the pictures soon ;)
Things have gone a little slower posting wise because I got a Fashion Week injury. I (probably) got stung by something on my right foot and had a major allergic reaction. It started swelling up on the second day and is now three times it's size, very painful, and I can't even move my toes (let alone fit in to my shoes! These pics were taken on the first day, before this happened). We've visited the most insufficient hospital in the world last night until 3 at night - and after hours of waiting they tried to send us home with just a prescription! (Hello, there must be antibiotics somewhere in that place) At which point we got so angry they gave us some. And credit where credit is due: thank god I had Sabrina with me. Anyway, this is our last day and even though I can barely walk I know I will enjoy every second :)

Back to the outfit, I was wearing:

Gestuz galaxy dress
COS rose gold bracelets
Balenciaga bag
Deena&Ozzy shoes

pics by Sabrina

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