Big changes, new job!

Since I started interning at ELLE magazine six months ago, things changed in rapid speed. My first book came out, This chick’s got style evolved from a hobby in to a job (which makes me incredibly happy!), I was in an inspiring office 5 days a week learning, growing and observing... Doing all this also meant I had to stop working for my father’s communication agency – where I started out at 14 and learned all about writing – truly the end of an era.

Today is my very last day interning at ELLE and I have some HUGE news! I got offered a job, and I'm now officially an editor at ELLE! I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this special team and to be writing for a magazine that’s so close to my heart. I'll go back to university to have my Master's degree in January and will combine blogging and my work at ELLE in the time to come. This has been a lifelong dream and knowing that I’ve realized it myself by doing what I love and working hard, is one of the best feelings in the world.
ps. Sorry for recycling this picture ;) (typing at midnight made it the best option)

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