July Birchbox

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A few days ago my July Birchbox arrived. I cheated a bit and snooped on other blogs to see what goodies might be coming my way. The selection generally seemed a bit lackluster (its hard to top a full sized Laura Geller blush, after all!), but I really think I lucked out on this one. Granted I didn't get a mini Zoya Touch polish, but that's okay because I have plenty of polish to keep my nails happy for a while longer. I ended up being pretty pleased with this month's treats. Here is what I got:

Kind Almond & Apricot Bar 
This isn't something I really expected to receive in a monthly beauty subscription service, but I was famished when my box arrived at my doorstep and immediately tore it open. I ate half of it before I remembered to take a decent picture of it! To my surprise, this is actually really tasty. It is apricot and almond, but it is also loaded with tons of toasted coconut which I am obsessed with! Yum! I thought I was a Luna bar addict for life, but I will definitely search for these next time I'm at the grocery store.

Redken Shine Flash
The instructions and purpose on this one are not all that clear- does it just add shine, or also provide some hold? Do I use it on wet or dry hair? I won't say no to some shine, so I will have to experiment a bit to figure out how this works- any thoughts?

philosophy purity made simple one-step facial cleanser
 I have heard really mixed reviews about philosophy, particularly regarding their skin care line. I'll give this a whirl, but I am nervous about experimenting with products while my skin is throwing a mid-summer oily temper tantrum. Here goes nothin'!

Korres Showergel in Fig
This is the item I think I lucked out on! I am all about natural products, I love figs, and I have been meaning to check out Korres. Can't wait to lather up!
ybf (your best friend) beauty automatic brow pencil in universal taupe
My initial reaction to this was mixed. First off, I thought the name is the company is sort of...cheesy? In the  next moment, I was impressed that this was a full-sized product. And then I was hesitant that this color could really be universal. From just a quick swatch, it looks like it will work for me! I'll certainly try this in a FOTD soon.

What did you get in your Birchbox? 
Were you thrilled or bummed?

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