CVS Haul- 90% Off Sale!

Today I stopped by my local CVS to pick up some items for my upcoming giveaway (only 10 followers to go!), and spotted two huge bins by the register marked "90% Off." I peered into the bins, and they were overflowing with deeply discounted makeup goodies! Be still my makeup junkie heart! No, for real....the adrenaline of sales can give you some serious heart palpitations!

A lot of the products were ruined or had broken packaging, but you best believe that I spent a good hour there carefully combing through the stash for treasures. Many of the items were being discontinued, but others must have just been overstock. Despite the slight mania that a sale can induce in my brain, I tried to be reasonable and only pick out things that I knew were quality products and I would actually use. But stuff was so flippin' cheap that I couldn't help risking it on a few things.

In the end, most of my purchases were under $1. The only items I paid full price for were the new Wet n' Wild eyeshadow trio and bronzer. On top of that, I had a $7.50 ExtraBucks coupon. So my total was....wait for it.....$8.73. Woah Baby!!! My receipt says I saved a whopping $75.72!!!!!

I don't know if this is happening everywhere, but I would stop by or at least call your local CVS to see if they have a similar deal going on!

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