Review: e.l.f. Studio Face Brushes

Once upon a time, I owned one lonely brush. It was a big kabuki from Avon that I used to apply bronzer. The rest of my makeup was applied with my fingers! Oh, how much has changed! 

For the past six months or so, I have been using almost exclusively e.l.f. Studio Brushes. Although in the future I plan on making a good investment in Sigma brushes, these affordable, accessible brushes have truly served me well. This line of brushes is generally high in quality and low in price; most of the brushes in this line are made of synthetic taklon and cost around $3 a pop. Some of these brushes are real bargain finds, and others are somewhat disappointing even for the price.

You can find e.l.f. brushes at Target or online at the e.l.f. website. In this post, I will discuss the e.l.f. Studio Face Brushes I have tried; in the next post, I will cover the ones I own for eyes.

Powder Brush
The Powder Brush might just be e.l.f.'s most well known and raved about brush. It is a dense, flat topped brush that is truly versatile. I have used it to apply powder when I want heavier application, and I have also used it to apply and buff in liquid foundation. My favorite use for this is to apply bronzer to the hollows of my cheekbones; the edge of the flat top fits right underneath my cheekbones to create a nice chiseled contour, and then the flat top is perfect to buff out harsh lines. This brush would be a home run for me if it weren't for one thing: it seems to be the most poorly constructed of all the brushes I own. This is the second one I have bought, and the ferrule has popped of the handle on both, and the one I currently use is starting to shed.

 Complexion Brush
This is a big, fluffy brush best for applying a dusting of setting powder and bronzer. I have found it to be really soft and durable. No complaints here- I recommend this one!

Blush Brush
 At first I wasn't into the blush brush, but it is now one of my favorites. As you can see in the pictures above, this brush is relatively flat and rounded at the top. At first I tried using the tip of the brush to apply my blush and got streaky cheeks. Now, I use it on its flat side and get wonderful results. The shape fits perfectly over the apples of my cheeks, and sweeping and circular motions blend it back on to my cheekbones nicely.

Angled Foundation Brush
 I don't like to apply my foundation with flat brushes, but I knew I would find some use for this brush. The angled foundation brush is small, flat, and the bristles are firm. I use it to apply my primer so I don't have to touch my clean skin with my fingers. This brush is really not a must have for me.

Stipple Brush
The stipple brush is a duofiber brush that has many uses. I don't like it so much to apply liquid foundation, but I do like this for when I use cream blush. I stipple this into the cream blush, and swirl it on to my cheeks for a glowy flush. I also really like this to apply powder highlight to my cheeks. My one complaint is that it is a little bit too big. When I use it on my cheeks, I smoosh the bristles together a bit with my fingers to have more control over where I apply product.

 What's my final word?
Pick it up- Complexion Brush and Blush Brush
Pass on by- Powder Brush (unless you are okay with replacing it frequently) and Angled Foundation Brush
Take it or Leave it- Stippling Brush (depends if you have bigger cheeks than I)

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