Swatch & Review: Zoya Skye

In my recent Zoya haul I mentioned that I picked up a shade called Skye. Although it was not part of Zoya's recent summer collections BOGO sale, I had been searching for the perfect creamy nude with pink undertones and couldn't resist throwing this in my cart. In the photos here Skye looks much more beige than it does in real life. In person, this color actually leans very heavily towards a pale pink, especially in natural sun light. Because it is more rosy than my skin tone, I mostly avoid the dreaded corpse-hand look. However, this is much more baby pink than I had anticipated and thus not really a true nude. While I am still on the hunt for a pinky nude that doesn't make me look dead, this is still a pretty color that I will wear when I am in the mood for pastels.

The formula is fairly runny. If not applied carefully, the polish completely flooded my cuticles. Although thin, the polish went pretty much completely opaque in two coats, but I applied a third for good measure. My biggest complaint, however, has nothing to do with the shade itself. The bottle I received appears to be contaminated with a few specks of silver glitter. I rechecked the website, and Skye is indeed listed as a cream so I am assuming that I got a bad apple. While most of my nails are glitter-free, three have a piece of random silver glitter on them that probably only I can notice. Oh well.

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