Haul & Review: Random E.L.F. Products

E.L.F., which stands for Eyes Lips Face, is a poor makeup addict's dream come true. Many of the products are comparable in shade and quality to higher end brands but at an absurdly cheap price tag. However, E.L.F. products are pretty hit or miss: while there are many bargain gems, others are complete fails not even worth your $1-$3. As such, I recommend doing your research before shopping by reading/watching blog and youtube reviews to familiarize yourself with their products.

I have bought most of my E.L.F. products online (they always have great coupon codes to make the deal even sweeter), but the brand is also available at select Target stores. My local Target just recently started carrying E.L.F., and when I saw the display I went a little insane. I only picked up 6 items, some of which were impulse buys. While I picked up a few products that I am very pleased with, I let the tiny price tags sway me into buying others products that I had not research well and am ultimately regretting.

Let's start with the bad news:

E.L.F. Essentials Natural Lash Kit in Black

This is my second pair of natural lashes from E.L.F. My first experience with them was largely positive. I liked that I was only spending a buck on a product I would only get one or two wears out of, and the lashes gave me a cute, flirty look. I knew from prior research that the glue this kit comes with is garbage, so I used Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive instead. I decided to pick up a second pair of these, but was really disappointed. Although I couldn't tell it by looking at them in the package, when applied the lashes were noticeably different lengths. While one eye was like how I remembered the first pair I had purchased, my other eye ended up resembling that of a creepy blinking doll. I'm talking straight up A Clockwork Orange. This leads me to believe that these lashes are not very consistent. Since I had to buy separate glue and have basically cross my fingers hoping I've got a good matching pair, there is little incentive to buy these again.

E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine in Goddess

The packaging of this reminds me a lot of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Glosses, which I adore, so I was excited to give this $1 gloss a go. I picked this up in the shade Goddess, which in the tube looks like an awesome bronzed rose. However, as you can see in the picture above, the color payoff is not great. When applied, the lips don't really look glossy, let alone "super glossy," as the product name promises. Additionally, the formula is incredibly thick, sticky, and drying. I found myself needing to put on some a lip balm before reapplying this gloss to get it to spread evenly on to my lips. Worse than the color payoff, consistency, and dehydrating qualities is the foul smell of this gloss. The scent is that of grape cough syrup, which really is not my thing. The medicinal grape smell is so strong that I can catch whiffs even when the tube is sitting next to me on my desk. Although it looks pretty, I recommend you pass this one up and pay a couple more dollars for a better gloss.

Now on to the mediocre items:

E.L.F. Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion

Fuchsia Fusion is a cool toned bright berry pink packed with gold glitter. The packaging is really sleek for a $3 blush. I thought that this glittery blush would be great for both daring night out looks and, when used with a light hand, luminous summer day looks. The color is nice and very pigmented, though a bit powdery. But unlike the swatches shown, the glitter does not have much staying power when applied to the cheeks. As I was blending in my blush, most all of the beautiful glitter seemed to just get swept away. I will still use this blush, but it doesn't bring the drama as I had expected.

E.L.F. Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avocado and Almond Oils

My cuticles tend to get ridiculously dry, and for a buck I figured I would give this pen a try. On the up side, the pen is convenient and travel friendly, and it delivers the right amount of product when applied. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin, which is also really nice. Although I did see a slight difference, this does not provide intense conditioning. It is fine for on the go, but my thirsty cuticles need more than this to stay hydrated.

And finally, the definite keepers:

E.L.F. Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer

Swatches of individual color blocks
Swatches of individual color blocks
Swatch of all four color blocks swirled together
I am really impressed with what I have seen of E.L.F. bronzers. I own the blusher/bronzer duo, which is a supposed dupe for the Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo, as well as the Studio Cool Bronzer, which is E.L.F.'s only matte bronzer. I love them both, and likewise, I have nothing but good things to say about this Studio Golden Bronzer. Like the Studio Blush, the packaging is gorgeous and feels more high end than you might expect for a $3 price tag. This bronzer is very shimmery, so I use it sparingly as a highlight. It subtly warms up my light medium skin, and looks great alone or layered over top of a deeper matte bronzer or blush for a healthy glow. I truly think this could also work on a wide range of skin tones: fairer skinned folk might find it a suitable warming bronzer, and those with darker skin tones might like this as a golden highlight on the top of the cheekbones.  For this quality at this price tag, this one is a keeper.

E.L.F. Essentials Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Prior to this eyelash curler, I had been using a flimsy Revlon one that cost me somewhere around five or more bucks and I frequently pinched my eyelids with it. E.L.F.'s Essentials Mechanical Eyelash Curler is awesome, and might be the best $1 I have ever spent on a beauty product. This curler is sturdy, so I never feel like my hands are going to slip and rip out my lashes. The curve of the curler hugs my lid just right, and delivers an amazing curl. I have not tried high end curlers, so I do not know how this compares. However, the price tag and performance of this curler stops me from even desiring to try others.

All products featured were purchased with my own money, and I am in no way affiliated with or being compensated by E.L.F. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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