Me and my boyfriend in ELLE

My boyfriend and I, interviewed in ELLE

The first 5 page interview I wrote in ELLE
Interview in the ELLE employee page
Yay, I finally get to share the May issue of Dutch ELLE with you! Me and my boyfriend Friso are featured with a one page interview, in which we talk about about my blog, him being the blog's photographer and how that works. I something like this in Grazia before, but this time it's about my boyfriend. So much fun!

Next to that, this particular issue is close to my heart because I wrote my first 5 page interview for it! It's one of my all time favorite sections in ELLE, where you get a peek inside the home of someone in the fashion industry and discuss their style and interior and get to know their personality. I'm incredibly proud to see my name printed as the interviewer in a magazine I started reading as a little girl and that is one of the leading titles in the world. A great way to start the weekend!

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