Purrrfect Pink Leopard Print Nail Art featuring Zoya Areej & Zoya Pasha

Remember Lisa Frank? Her school supplies were the technicolor obsession of me and my friends back in the day. Who says neon leopard print is just for middle schoolers?

This manicure is so trashy. And I LOVE it! Leopard print had its heyday in the 1990's on my school folders but seems to be making a strong comeback, which is purrrfectly (sorry-I couldn't help myself) alright with me. This look is really quite easy and can be adapted to any color combination. Follow along with me as I create a nail look both Lisa Frank and JWoww would be proud of.

1) Apply a base coat and your background polish color. I am wearing one coat of Zoya Areej, a cream fuchsia that is super opaque. For a classier, true to life leopard print, go for a nude shade. But this look can be adapted to any color palette.


2) Select the shade for the leopard spots, preferably one that has nice contrast with your background color. Here I am using Zoya Pasha, a silvered taupe. Using the nail polish wand, create randomly shaped and placed spots on your nail. I usually place four or five spots on each nail.

3) Dip the tip of a nail art brush or a cheap eyeliner brush (like the one I am using here) into your third color. Typically black, this last color should be the darkest of the three. I am using Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Black Diamond, a black with silver shimmer. Careful to not run into your other spots, trace each spot you created in step 2. However, do not trace the whole spot- aim to create "C" shapes around the dots, or create a more sporadic outline.

4) Finish off with your favorite top coat, and you are ready to roar! 

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