Pirate Chic Nail Art featuring Zoya Sooki


Okay- I am not usually the type of gal who gets into pirates. I bathe regularly. Pillaging really is not my style. I don't even like parrots. Watching Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean is about as involved in piracy as I get.

However, this nail art look is totally bad ass. From Zoya's recent Summertime Collection I am wearing Sooki, which is the most perfect cream red with a jelly finish that makes the polish super shiny. Sooki has a great consistency and applied completely opaque in one coat! For the designs I used a Kiss Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit that came with black, white, and silver glitter polishes with thin tipped brushes and 30 stencils. I tried using the stencils with little success, so the crossbones and swords are freehand versions of the stencils I wanted to use.

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