Haul: Zoya Nail Polish Earth Day Exchange

In my first Beautiful Brains post, I gave an update on my adventures with Project 10 Pan and mentioned that I found Zoya's Nail Polish Earth Day Exchange too good to resist. The sale only ended yesterday, and I already received my package! I ordered a few days ago, but regardless that is some superior shipping! Thanks Zoya!

My rainbow of treats, From L to R: Faith, Jancyn, Willow, Creamy, Dove, Casey, Marley, Buffy, Gaia
I snagged 9 delicious looking shades, and I am so overwhelmingly excited just looking at them. Which do I try first?!?! I broke out of my comfort zone and picked up a shade or two that I wouldn't typically go for- Marley, Creamy, and Jancyn were too stunning to deny. And has anyone seen Gaia? Sweet goddess, what a gorgeous shade. It is a soft white with golden shimmer that I can't wait to see on the nail.

Did your package arrive yet? What colors did you order?

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